Tornado’s Can Damage Your Property And Your Appliances – Know What To Do!



The most exposed part of any property is the roof. If you reside in an area where tornado’s hit frequently, you may wonder what you can do to protect your roof. If proper preventive measures are not taken, things will go out of control.

What type of Water Damage is Caused By Tornado’s?

Water damage can be a severe issue for residential and commercial buildings. The water can cause mildew on walls, mold on drywall, and the rising of your floor. Call Aqua Lock to get professional help to restore and rebuild your flooded basements and crawl spaces back into proper function again quickly! Take a look at how water damage caused by tornado creates trouble for everyone:


Appliance Damage

After any natural disaster, flooding and high moisture levels will likely affect many electronic items and appliances. When electronic items are exposed to moist air for long periods, it results in corrosion that affects the outer metal shell of your device.

Mould and Mildew Growth

Mould and mildew can grow anywhere in the house, but it will be much easier for them to grow in damp areas. Conversely, heat and warm, moist areas are the best environments for mold and mildew to take root. Kitchen tops should be avoided as this is where water is most likely to be split.

Another problem that will accompany a water-damaged home due to rain or flooding is a wet basement or crawl space. If you have ever been in a flooded basement, you know how bad it can smell because of all the growing mold.


Protective Measure Against Water Damage

The best way to prevent damage from water is to prevent it from getting in there in the first place. Taking measures such as removing plants that grow near vulnerable spots or covering up pipes inside walls will help reduce the chances of any problems with your roof system. Take a look at these tips to prepare against water damage:

  • Waterproofing your home is essential in protecting against water damage and mold.
  • If you have a water-damaged basement or crawl space, it is best to leave the area sealed off until the problem is resolved.
  • Water can damage a roof if left for long periods. In case of a tornado going through your home, it is best to call your contractor to inspect and repair anything damaged immediately.

If you have fallen victim to the damage done by a tornado this past week, don’t give up on your home or try to fix the problem yourself.

If you have been affected by a tornado, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up the debris and water that has damaged your home. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do it yourself, so contact a waterproofing contractor who can fix the issues with your basement, crawl space, and roof.  Make sure to hire the best in the business. The sooner you get the needful done the better it is. What do you think?


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