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Top 3 Ways to Teach a Dog to Be a Guard Dog



Guard Dog

It is a famous saying that dog is a man’s best friend but not always a guard dog. Most dogs love getting treats, receiving affection, and protecting the people they love. While most species are cautious of strangers visiting the house, some will quickly warm up the strangers and enjoy their arrival.

When thinking of training the dog to guard the house or looking to buy a guard dog, there are multiple things to bring under consideration. The dog’s breed, obedience, and the category of training style will affect how well the dog guards your house. Remember that dog training will never go in vain.

Why must you have guard dogs?

Protecting the family and personal belongings in the home is fundamental to keeping the family secure and safe. Having a well-trained dog to guard for protecting your property may benefit your personal life and your business, requiring extra protection.

Most companies and homeowners have security cameras installed in their homes to capture criminal wrongdoing. However, security cameras may be only partially effective in limiting crime.

guard dog

On the other hand, guard dogs may be left alone in the store or at home when you are not around. They act as frontline defense systems and thereby prevent any criminal activity. Most individuals who desire a guard dog experience past trauma, making them more conscious of their belongings.

Guard dogs may act on triggers like certain words or their instinct, whether it is a general uneasy concern or a bad experience. It is thus necessary to have a guard dog on standby for the residence or the business, whichever is needed.

How will you train them?

There are various steps you require to follow when training the dog to perform the role of a guard. Initiating from basic training skills to advanced protection skills, you must take it gradually. Below is the comprehensive step-by-step list of dog training that will help you in every way.

guard dog

If you want detailed information on these, experts recommend checking out digital media, which is a viable resource for different courses. Along with this, you must be cautious of the following points:

●     Basic obedience: You must start with basic obedience training. Your dog must know the fundamental obedience skills, which include drop it, stay, bark, and other instructions. Before you start training the dog to be a guard, these general areas must be seen.

●     Impulse control: After the dog is done with basic obedience training, you must start training the dog to impulse control. Dogs must control themselves and learn to welcome strangers. Dogs must stay, sit and lie down on command.

●     Alone training: When you can take the responsibility of leaving the dog alone, you can assure yourself that they are enough to protect your property. However, for this, you need to train them appropriately. At times, homeowners do not have the necessary training, and thus taking the help of professional dog trainers in training in Knoxville TN is a much more worthwhile decision.

Daily practice, confidence building, and testing the dog must be other areas where the dog trainers must focus. Remember that each of these is related to training a guard dog. When you engage a professional for these services, they know how to perform the task precisely.

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