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Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before Using Kratom in Thailand

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Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before Using Kratom in Thailand

Kratom is a medicinal, plant-based drug that gives you various benefits. Several people think that the substance has no medicinal properties and is prone to misuse by its users. Hence, it is very controversial when talking about its legalities in various countries. However, multiple supporters in Thailand have come forth voicing their opinions to lift the ban on the drug.

Kratom has many medicinal properties with easing anxiety and pain being the main ones. It helps you relax your body and mind by putting you in a tranquil and sedative state. This substance originates in the southeastern part of Asia. Hence, there is a concern for the legalities in the place where it originates.

Thailand produces one of the most potent variants of Kratom. Several people over there use kratom daily for its sedative and medicinal effects. However, overdosing on Kratom is also a big problem that the government needs to regulate.

In other countries like the USA, the government has made attempts to ban this substance. Whereas, in Thailand, the substance is legal for now. If you’re looking for the best products to purchase you can search for “how to get kratom by the kilo near me?” and you’ll get lots of quality options to choose from.

This article will inform you about the history and legalities of Kratom use in Thailand. If you are a user in Thailand, it is important to know what are the current issues this substance is facing. This will help you keep up to date and lend your support for Kratom when it is needed.

The History of Kratom use in Thailand

The substance Kratom has gone through a very rough patch in Thailand. The government banned kratom in the year of 1943. The reason behind it is the increase in popularity of kratom during the rise in prices of opium. Several people were using Kratom instead of opium due to their high prices in the market.

Effects of Kratom vs Opium

Kratom is a good substitute for opium and does not involve the harmful side effects that opium has. Indeed, using kratom at high doses can result in various health issues although it is not as bad as opium. Opium has various unhealthy side effects, unlike Kratom. You will suffer from a Kratom hangover or Kratom sickness with the overuse of the substance. The effects may include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Dehydration

However, with the correct dose of kratom, you will be able to experience the wonderful effects that it has. Kratom has several strains that help you with various benefits. The substance helps people with an enhancement of energy levels, getting rid of anxiety, etc. Whereas, the overuse of opium can lead to:

  • Anxiety
  • Blurriness of vision
  • Blue lips and fingernails
  • Chest pains
  • Chills
  • Confusion
  • Clammy skin
  • Depression
  • Breathing problems
  • Hallucination
  • Increase in hunger
  • Lethargy
  • Changes in mood or mental health
  • Nervousness

Hence, you can see how opium is more harmful than Kratom. Indeed, the substance should still be regulated for the safety of its users but should not be considered in the same category as opium.

Is it still banned in Thailand?

In 1979, the Thailand government categorized the substance as a class 5 drug. This enables the government to put Kratom in the same category as Opium, cocaine, heroin, etc. Lawmakers, who don’t fully understand the potential and the medicinal benefits that kratom has, try to ban them. Hence, for a very long time kratom was banned in Thailand.

However, the government of Thailand has finally lifted the ban on Kratom. Recently, the overwhelming support for the substance has made the government reconsider. Therefore, you can use Kratom anywhere in Thailand without worrying about legal issues.

What are the legal developments of regulating Kratom in Thailand?

Presently, if you possess 10 kilograms of the substance without the Thai government’s permission you can get in trouble. You will incur a charge of ‘possession of use’ from the government. The government can sentence you to prison for up to five years or levy a fine of 50,000 Bhat.

The possession of Kratom over 10 kilograms can also incur a charge of ‘possession to sell’. This charge can sentence you to up to fifteen years in prison or levy a fine of 20,000 to 150,000 Bhat.

Moreover, you can incur additional charges if you are importing or exporting, and producing illegal drugs. The sub-committee on Kratom Regulation states the Narcotics Control Board is amending the regulations to lift the ban.

They have also come up with a draft to amend the Narcotics Act hence delisting Kratom as a Schedule 5 drug. If you are unsure about the benefits of the substance, here are a few benefits for you to reconsider.

Benefits of Using

Several people use kratom because of its medicinal values and sedative effects. However, some people would consider it a drug that does not have any positive effects. Here are a few benefits that will inform you about its benefits:

Relieving pain

There are three different variants of kratom, green, red, and white. All of these strains are very effective pain relievers. The compound 7-hydroxy mitragynine has high sedation effects that help relieve your pain.

Enhancing your Libido

Multiple studies have proven that this substance enhances the user’s sexual urge. Hence, several people use them as a supplement of sexual enhancement.

Management of ADHD

Several people with ADHD state that using Kratom has helped them manage their symptoms. This substance will help you achieve a tranquil state and relax your mind. Furthermore, it can also help you focus on your project better. Hence, helping you to manage your ADHD symptoms better.

These are some of the many benefits that you can have from the use of kratom. Although with the rough past Kratom has had in Thailand, you can now use kratom freely and without worry.

Whether it will be banned or not in the future is still unsure. All you can do at this moment is stay up to date with the current legalities of the substance. Remember to show your support for Kratom when you can.


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