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TOP 10 FREE Sports Betting Tools & Resources



Sports Betting in The US

Sports betting is a quickly expanding branch of online entertainment, with numerous gambling resources dedicated to any particular sports appearing now and then. For instance, today, there is a host of the best IPL betting sites for the fans of sports bidding. Anyway, this type of virtual amusement for passionate sports fans and avid punters goes hand in hand with the need (and desire) to be able to calculate odds with high accuracy and settle proper bets. That is why there are also helpful sports betting tools and resources galore that can really help you out during your gambling journey.

Glossary of Betting-Related Terms

One of the cornerstones of successful sports betting is the proper knowledge of all related terms and words. To make sure you fully understand the meanings of bets provided and the difference between them, ensure you have a sports bidding glossary at hand.

Bookmakers’ Betting Rules

Before immersing into the engaging world of online betting, you need to familiarize yourself with terms and conditions and individual sports betting rules featured at various bookies. Also, if you are a fan of any particular sports discipline, ensure you learn those rules as well. All critical information is usually indicated in the corresponding section of the sportsbook’s website.

Odds Calculator

By analogy with actual sports betting resources, odds calculators or converters also depict potential winning differently. Yet, the majority of such betting tools include all existing options – that is, Decimal, Fractional, American, and Implied odds. To get the use of odds calculator, you will first have to insert your odds into a designated field. Then, indicate the amount of money you want to spend on sports bids. Lastly, wait for the results of your possible total winnings.

Parlays Calculator

Parlays represent numerous stakes on one betting slip, featuring up to one hundred various sports disciplines. When using parlay calculator, select the preferred odds type, then enter the wagering amount and press the “Calculate” button to find out what you may potentially win.

Strange Odds

Such a sports betting tool advises punters to observe the performance of football (soccer, basketball, etc.) teams. Also, based on that, place stakes on the “outsiders” rather than clubs with a higher rating. However, if you have crucial reasons for strange odds (changes in team composition, financial issues, etc.), you are allowed to switch clubs.

Strategy Creator

The Strategy Creator tool includes such vital aspects as odds selection, ratings, teams and players, and leagues. It helps you calculate sports bidding strategies from 12 hours to a couple of days before the start of an event.

Betting Picks

Various newsletters offered by betting-oriented resources share with your handy tips on creating unique and working sports bidding strategies. Betting Picks mostly indicates information on top and medium soccer leagues.


The majority of newsletters are dedicated to sharing practical bits of advice on betting on soccer-related games. In most cases, they are sent out from 2 to 4 times a week directly to your e-mail.

Sports Betting Odds Charts

Odds Charts show information calculated by the analytics and sports betting experts in all formats available (Decimal, Fractional, American, Implied).

Print Sheets from

Print sheets from the well-known resource depict vital information on overall records of the teams, average points scored, handicaps, over/under records, and other primary stats on the performance of the participants of the sports events involved.


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