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7 Effective Tips to Know About Tipping at 5 Star Nail Salons



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Do you tip the waiter at the restaurant? Even if you do not everybody knows what tipping means. Cash is the normal and the usual way by which we tip. From the receiver’s point of view also cash is the best way to tip. Anyone can take cash and use it easily. Moreover, it goes straight inside the pocket. Similarly, after receiving services from the 5 star nail salons. It is important to tip the technician or the manicurist. You tip them either in cash or through credit cards.

The problem with credit cards is that it takes some days to receive the tip and that is after you settle all the taxes and charges of the card. Usually at cafes and eateries, we leave cash in the receipt holder and after we leave, the waiter collects it and feels rewarded. However, in the case of the Top-rated Nail Salons it is different. Because you do not get a receipt holder. One has to pay on the counter and it can be difficult to leave additional cash as a tip there.

The only thing possible is to say that you are leaving this money as a tip for the technician as he did a good job. Although it will be praised, it can be difficult for some people. So, here are 7 effective tips about tipping at the nail salon that you can try to avoid any awkwardness or regret later on.

Try the standard of 20%

Not many people know but the standard tip is usually 20% of the total cost. Even in the cheap nail salons this is the general rate. So, if you are going for a manicure then after the services always remember to pay around 20% of the bill as a tip to the technician.

If you got gel nails then tip more

It is pretty much simple that for services requiring extra efforts the tip should be more. If the technician is paying attention to each and every part of the process then he deserves a reward. For gel nails the tip has to be more than normal ones.

For your toes tip extra

If you are going for your toenails then do not ever forget to tip the pedicurist. Can you clean the gunk of someone else’s toenails? You cannot right. So, don’t you think the professional deserves some respect and care for it.

Low cost high tip

The cost of some nail procedures is comparatively low. It does not mean that you should not tip the expert. Think of it as the expert also earns less. So, it will be a great motivator for him if you start tipping after low cost processes as well.

Try to use cash

Always keep some change in your wallet when you visit a nail salon. It will help you a lot when you give tips. In some places, credit cards are not accepted. Because of this, you can neither pay nor tip. So always, keep some cash in your purse.

Try gifting during festivals

During the festive season like Christmas and Thanksgiving try giving small tokens instead of cash as a tip. There are some people who regularly visit the same nail salon or have a favorite technician. If you give them small gifts as a tip they will cherish it and maybe it will make their festival merrier.

Tip even if you are unhappy

Sometimes in the Best Nail Salons the services offered are not as good as we think. In fact this happens more often than we think. Whatever be the case, you cannot forgo the tip of the technician. If the technician was rude then you can drop it. Many times the treatment we expect is not what we get. But the overall results look good. So, why not tip the person who did it.


Almost 30% of the people have no idea about tipping the technicians in the nail salons. They believe what they pay is enough. People are so uncertain about tipping that some do not while others forget or do not know how much to give. By reading all these tips you can easily learn about the tips and what to do when there is some confusion. It will motivate the person and he will feel great after doing your nails. So, why not tip your nail salons technician after the service and make his day.

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