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Things You Should Know About CBD Cannabidiol for Amazing Health

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Everything You Should Know About CBD Cannabidiol and THC

With CBD Cannabidiol now being mainstream, almost everybody has heard about it and its many benefits compared to a decade ago. CBD is a multi-billion dollar industry, and its growth curve doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon. One survey revealed that only 14% of Americans don’t know anything about CBD or THC.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It’s non-psychoactive, and unlike THC, you won’t experience any mind-altering effects or a “high” when you use it. These days, people use CBD for various reasons, such as therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational.

CBD is available in various forms like lotions, capsules, gummies, tinctures and oils. There are even CBD cigarettes and tea bags. While you might have heard of CBD and its many beneficial properties, there are still some elements you may not know about this famous cannabinoid. Below are some of these exciting things about CBD.

CBD Will Get You in the Mood

When it comes to intimacy, many people, especially married couples who’ve been together a while, fail to achieve maximum satisfaction because of low sex drive, lack of intimacy, and dull moods.

There are various factors such as age and environment that can affect one’s sex drive and mood. It’s unknown to many, but CBD is an aphrodisiac. You can use it to increase the romance and heat in the bedroom. It helps in the circulation of oxygenated blood to your reproductive organs and bumps up your libido levels to get you in the mood to knock boots.

There Are Over 100 Cannabinoids, Including CBD

Although CBD has taken center stage in cannabinoids, there are over 100 cannabinoids Cannabis Sativa. THC, a close cousin of CBD, is also well known because of its “high” effects. The exact number of cannabinoids in marijuana is unknown, but scientists are confident there are more than 100.

Some major cannabinoids from CBD and THC are CBC, THCV, CBCV, CBGV, and CBG. All these cannabinoids have their unique properties and benefits.

CBD Can Increase Sensation

Both men and women can fail to reach orgasms because of poor sensations. Various factors such as emotional, mental, and physical affect sensation levels during intimacy and may ruin your sex life entirely if not attended to.

Using CBD-infused lube will help you heighten sensations, creating a stronger bond when you’re rolling in the hay.

CBD Was Discovered In 1940

CBD came into the public eye around a decade ago, but it was found and extracted in 1940 by a Harvard University graduate, Roger Adams. In 1946, the first research on CBD was conducted, and it was texted on animals.

The results were the first pieces of evidence that CBD didn’t have any intoxicating effects. In the same year, Ralph Mechoulam identified the chemical structure of CBD. Fast forward to 1980, a landmark study was done, and CBD was discovered to contain potential benefits as antiepileptic medication. Three decades later, the first cannabis-based epilepsy medication, Epidolex, was approved by the FDA to treat several rare and difficult-to-treat types of epilepsy.

CBD May Counter THC’s Negative Effects

According to supporting evidence, CBD can counteract the effects of THC, which include paranoia and anxiety. In the early 1980s, THC was shown to increase stress symptoms due to its mind-altering effects. However, when it was administered together with CBD, these symptoms were reduced by half.

The resulting explanation is that, because of CBD’s interaction with the CB1 receptors, THC doesn’t bind to them, leading to a reduction in the activation of the receptors. However, while there may be evidence showing taking CBD lowers the stress from THC, there’s little evidence showing that CBD will reduce the “high” associated with THC. More studies are required to prove any claims on CBD Cannabidiol reducing THC highs.

You Can Use CBD on Your Pets

Like humans beings, animals also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which means your pets can also benefit from CBD. There are countless CBD pet tinctures in the market today. You can incorporate CBD in your pet’s supplement routine, and it won’t affect them in any way. All one has to do is add a few drops to their food, and Bob’s your uncle! You can also apply CBD topicals on your pet to remedy any itchiness, pain, sore muscles, and joints.

Hemp & CBD Oil Are Two Completely Different Things

Most CBD Cannabidiol oils and tinctures come from hemp, and people tend to confuse this with hemp oil, but they aren’t the same. Hemp oil originates from hemp seeds, while CBD oil emanates from the entire hemp plant.

While both oils originate from the same plant, they contain very different benefits, and when you shop around for CBD Cannabidiol, make sure you don’t buy hemp oil instead.

CBD Is Sourced From both Hemp and Marijuana

It’s highly possible that you didn’t know this—CBD can come from both marijuana and hemp! Here’s the switch, though, for CBD to be considered federally legally, the THC content has to be less than 0.3%. This is under the 2018 Farm Bill, and CBD derived from marijuana has THC levels that surpass this limit. This type of CBD is only legal in states that have passed recreational and medical use of marijuana.

The First CBD Strain Was Called the “Hippie’s Disappointment”

The first CBD strain we know today as Charlotte’s Web was named after the late Charlotte Figi. However, in the past, the strain was referred to as the “Hippie’s Disappointment.” This is because it didn’t have enough THC to get its users high. Pretty hilarious if you ask me.


The legal cannabis scene has grown out of the ashes from its association with tie-dye and bums to a medicinal compound that is incorporated into the lives of people who want to reach a wholesome, healthy, and active lifestyle. It’s a natural remedy for many issues such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and stress. Because of the heaps of information surrounding cannabis and its facets, it may feel a bit intimidating at first.