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Things to Know About Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto



Things to Know About Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto

A dryer vent carries hot moisture from the dryer to the outside. Lint is highly flammable, and if residential dryer vent cleaning Toronto isn’t done, the lint is likely to result to fire.

Understanding how a dryer vent works, installing it well, and how residential dryer vent cleaning Toronto works is key to keeping your home safe since keeping the dryer vent clean also ensures the dryer functions properly.

How Does The Dryer Vent Work

Clothes in the dryer tumble through hot air to dry. Since the clothes are wet, moisture evaporates through the heated air and exits through the dryer vent. The vent is made of a long hose that carries hot air to the outside.

Types Of Dryer Ducts

Different dryers have different types of dryer ducts.

  1. Aluminum foil duct: these are the most common types of dryer ducts and are easy to find. They are coiled into a cylindrical shape and are inflammable.
  2. Semi-rigid metal duct: this dryer duct is made of flexible metal, and it resembles the aluminum foil duct. However, this one is slightly different because the hose is semi-rigid and does not easily crush. The hose exits hot moisture outside, and its inside is smooth to allow lint and debris to roll smoothly
  3. Periscope: This is a transition duct that is installed outside the wall. A periscope type of vent allows you to keep your dryer next to the wall.
  4. How To Fix The Dryer Vent

Things to Know About Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto

You can buy a kit with all tools you need to install your residential dryer vent, making the exercise easy. However, you might require someone more experienced to make an exit hole in your house. To install the vent, you need to;

  1. Put on gloves and form the vent pipe into a cylindrical shape.
  2. Make a hole measuring 4 inches on the outside wall.
  3. Fix the vent cap to the pipe
  4. Fit the vent cap on the wall on the outside and secure it with screws.
  5. Fix the end of the vent tube with the vent cap.
  6. How residential dryer Vent cleaning works

Lint and dirt buildup in the dryer vent and close the exit way of the hot air. Lint is highly flammable, and accumulation of heat on the drying machine can cause home fires.

To clean the dryer, you need first to unfix it from its source of power. Use a vacuum to suck lint and dust from the vent. Also, clean the vent cap and return all the parts as they were.

How To Care For The Dryer Vent

After residential dryer vent cleaning Toronto your dryer works properly. However, you might experience some problems like;

Falling Dryer Vent Tube

If you wrongly install your residential dryer vent tube, it will keep falling. Another reason a vent tube falls is due to the heaviness of the buildup lint. Detach the tube and remove the buildup lint. If it keeps falling because of its weight, you can support it with clips.

Punctured Tube

Aluminum can easily be pricked, and this causes leakages. You can use tape to repair the hole or buy another tube.

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