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The Most Durable Flooring You Can Install into Your Home or Business



The Most Durable Flooring You Can Install into Your Home

Let us take a look at some of the most durable types of flooring you can get in the market and install.Flooring is one thing that you would want to make sure that it lasts. The process of flooring installation is an extremely expensive one.

It also takes up a lot of time and you really do not want to have to replace it every few years. Or your situation may be that you just need some flooring that is ultra durable because your household consists of children and dogs. It is recommended in these scenarios that you select a type of flooring that is both durable for your home and also meets the individual criterion of your needs.


In essence, bamboo happens to be a particular type of grass. While it is true that this type of grass happens to be extremely difficult to remove from your yard, it however does have the potential to be both surprisingly effective and also attractive when it is turned into flooring. The main reason why this type of flooring is so durable is because of three factors. These are stalk placement, added materials and also the quality of the bamboo.

Stalks/construction: Much of the regular off-the-shelf flooring made out of bamboo is made by laying the bamboo grass stalks in a cross-direction way. Strand bamboo flooring very often goes by the name of woven strand bamboo flooring and it is called so for a very good reason: strands of the bamboo stalks happen to be pulled apart and are then more tightly packed with adhesives.

Adhesives: The thing that actually makes a bamboo flooring hard happens to be the adhesive. Flooring made out of bamboo is generally stuck together with the help of adhesives. The more the adhesives, the tougher the floor made out of bamboo will be.

Bamboo type: Unfortunately for us, this third factor is very difficult if not altogether impossible. The better-quality bamboo flooring which is later-harvested, happens to be much more durable than the younger bamboo that has been rushed into harvest.

Let us take a look at the Janka scale ratings for durability for traditional vs. strand-woven floors made out of bamboo.

Traditional construction bamboo: 900–1300. This is the type of domestic red oak (wood) range.

Strand-woven bamboo: 2000–3200. This is absolutely on top of the Janka scale, with some bamboo floors that rate as hard as Brazilian cherry and also teak.

Resilient Flooring

It may very well seem like that this particular term was invented by flooring companies as a marketing gimmick, this term does however describe this type of flooring as well. This is also known as vinyl flooring and this type of classic product is totally moisture-resistant and was engineered in the lab to last a very long time indeed.

Sheet vinyl should be your choice if it is just sheer resilience that happens to be your priority. In rooms that are small, you can get by with just a single seam or, if the room is even smaller, then you will need no seams at all. Seams are a particular factor that does contribute to the deterioration of the flooring. Hence, the reduction of seams becomes a very vital point. Tile resilient and plank resilient come at a very close second because of their seams.

Ceramic and Porcelain

These are durable in a lot of ways but are also not in some major ways, tiles mainly win over other types of flooring because of their looks and appearance. Have a look at some great options here:

This type of flooring material is durable against both scratches and spills. Tiles are very well known for these types of emergencies. But, if you happen to drop something as heavy as a jar of pickles, they will crack without a shadow of a doubt.

It is mainly due to the sheer good looks and also the creative blank slate that it offers that there are a lot of homeowners who will be happy to take their chances with the occasional dropped item that has the very real potential to crack the flooring.

It is important to note that expert installation goes a long way in helping make them more durable. A subfloor that is not proper or if there are voids below the tiles, it will contribute to the tiles cracking over time. Tiles that are poorly grouted will also have the same result and it will also introduce moisture below the tiles. This will swell up the sub-floor systems and will allow for movements that are responsible for cracking the tiles.


This type of flooring, laminate flooring, is becoming increasingly more durable as the manufacturer’s improve the laminate’s wear layer and base. That top layer – the wear layer which is transparent- can be very astonishingly resistant to both scratches from the paws of dogs and also from chairs being pushed in and out.

AC, or Abrasion Class, ratings will help tell you a lot about how durable the flooring will be. These ratings range from AC1 (moderate) to AC5 (heavy) and they can be found in the specs section of the description of the product. This is a way of letting you know how well the laminate flooring will hold up against a lot of traffic.

Despite the abrasion resistance of laminate flooring, the moment a dishwasher happens to leak, a very large part of your kitchen floor will suffer as a result. For environments that are high in moisture, it is absolutely possible to get laminate flooring which is waterproof.

However, owing to the fact that waterproof laminate flooring dispenses with wood completely, it completely destroys the line between laminate flooring and resilient flooring. If durability is your top priority and you happen to be stuck between choosing vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, then it is recommended that you go with vinyl.

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