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The Great Starting of a New Age is Arriving with Happy New Year 2021



The Great Starting of a New Age is Arriving with a Happy New Year 2021

A new year is a time of starting a new age, the new year is the beginning of a new calendar, and it is a hope of a fresh start. The last day of the past year and the first day of a new year contains so many memories. People forget the familiar and the sadness of the past year and make a fresh start in the first day of the happy new year 2021.

People believe that the new year is a massage of a new life. People make their decision for the next year in the first day of that year. People think that the first day is precious. Because, if you spent your first day of the year happily, then the year is going to be one of the best years of your life. So everyone wants to stay happy and relaxed on the first day of the year.

To make every day of the year beautiful people use to pray in this day. Here 2020 was a year full of surprises. In the year 2020, people faced many ups and downs in their life. 2021 will bring new hope for the world. It is almost the end of 2020, but it is also time to celebrate a happy new year 2021. Every person of the world knows about the Coronavirus which has broken out in 2020. Not only the Coronavirus in 2020 the most people in the world have faced difficulties in their life. People are very hopeful that the next year 2021 will give a new chance to live because every new year provides a new reason to stay alive.

Celebration of a happy New Year 2021

People all over the world use to celebrate the first day of a new year to welcome a new year. The first day of the year is 1st January. In many countries of the world, 1st January is a public holiday. In this day everyone celebrates the new year according to their culture. Every society of the world has a different culture to celebrate the new year. 1st January is the day when people use the calendar most. In Japan, the new year celebrating holiday starts from 1st January to 3rd January.

The people of Japan use to celebrate the new year for three days. In England, people have a different way of celebrating the new year. People use to celebrate this day with fireworks. Millions of people use to do many other cultural activities for the happy life of all over the world. People enjoy the first day of the year so that they can make every day of that year enjoyable. Ancient people used to celebrate this day in their way but, nowadays people have their modern way to make the first day of the year memorable.

But the world is going through a pandemic situation. For the safety of the people, the world, people should stay at home and celebrate the first day of the year from their home. Coronavirus has already taken thousands of lives. People should be aware of that. This year people of the world have to celebrate the new year differently. Because it is essential to maintain social distance, so people should wish each other through internet or phone, that’s how people should spend the new year celebration this year.

Expectation from 2021

The people of the world has faced many bad experiences in the previous year. But, people should not lose their hope. People should have a better expectation from the next year 2021. People should expect that 2021 will bring so many good things in their life. 2021 can be the cure for 2020. People of the world are hopeful that 2021 will gift the treatment for Coronavirus.


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