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The Fastest and Cheapest Ways of Sending Money to Thailand



send money to Thailand

Thailand is one of the premier tourist destinations of the world on account of its great natural beauty, cultural richness, spectacular cuisine and a rocking nightlife. The locals are a friendly and welcoming lot too, making a visit to the place quite a memorable one. Apart from being a major tourist destination Thailand also receives its fair number of business travelers. If you are planning to visit Thailand or have a business interest there you would definitely be interested in knowing about the best ways to send money to Thailand. Here’s a lowdown on that:

1.  Bank Transfer

You can conveniently fund a money transfer to Thailand via an international money transfer service by initiating a bank transfer. The advantage of using this method of payment is that it is cheaper than any other way of paying for an international money transfer to that country. You can usually instruct your bank to make a bank transfer to the service provider online, on the phone or in person. As soon as the service provider receives the money they will confirm the fact to you by email and proceed to exchange it into Thai bahts and send it across to the recipient.

2.  Debit Card

The advantage of using a debit card to fund a transfer of money to Thailand via an international money transfer service is that it is fast, convenient and cheap(when compared with paying with a credit card). Like in the case of a bank transfer, you pay for the international money transfer from your bank account. The international money transfer company that you are routing the transfer through may charge you a fee in case you are using a business card to fund the payment.

3.  Credit Card

Funding an international money transfer to Thailand by using a credit card works out to be both convenient and fast. You will pay more by way of charges when using credit cards, as opposed to using a debit card to initiate your international money transfer. Funding your international payment via a credit card could sometimes be treated as a cash withdrawal by a bank and result in an extra charge, as well.

4.  Compare The Terms Offered By The Best Money Transfer Companies

You don’t have to make a money transfer to Thailand by using the services of the first international money transfer company that you come across. It would make eminent sense for you to compare the terms and conditions of the top ten to twenty service providers and settle for the one that offers you the best terms. Among the prominent ones that you can check out are Skrill, Azimo, WorldRemit, Western Union and TransferWise. If you are not quite sure how to do that yourself you could refer to a money transfer service comparison site. It is also important that you make the time for this exercise as this would help you save a substantial amount of money


Remitting money to Thailand is quite easy these days what with a host of international money transfer companies offering their services at competitive rates. You are in a users market and can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Most of the international money transfer services are online services. Furthermore they allow you to initiate your international transfer from the comfort of your home.

Besides, they let you fund it in the method that you are comfortable with. Their delivery timelines too are good and the security infrastructure is top class. Going to Thailand or doing business there was never easier and part of the reason is the ease with which you can remit money to that place.


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