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The Best Ways to Find Sports Management Internships

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The Best Ways to Find Sports Management Internships

An internship gives you an idea of what to expect when working in a similar position or the same environment. Sports management internship opportunities help you to practice what you have learned in class. You also gain the necessary experience and build a portfolio to show your next employer. Consider an internship as an opportunity to test whether you are suited for a particular work environment.


Sport management internships are different from any other area because they are specific. You can only work in a sporting club or an organization involved in sports. How do you secure such an internship opportunity, especially because it is a requirement before graduation? Here are a few pointers.

Play the game

Sports management requires an understanding of how the game is played. You gain an understanding as you play the game. Being a player is, therefore, one of the most effective ways to secure an internship opportunity as a sports manager.

Appearing in the field is not enough to earn you an internship opportunity. You must interact with the coaches and persons in charge of the facilities that you hope to manage in the future. Still, potential employers want to be associated with professionals who understand the sport. The best place to demonstrate understanding is the pitch.

Attend games

Attend the sporting events that you wish to manage. It is the first encounter you will have with the game. You begin to understand how it is played and what managing a facility or event would require. Recognize the different roles played by people on the pitch and beyond. Visualize yourself playing these roles. You will be halfway into securing a management spot.

Attending games brings you close to potential employers who will give you the internship opportunity. Talk to coaches and event managers before as well as after the games. You may also attend as a volunteer. It is a way to build a strong network that can secure you the internship opportunity you are looking for.

Write and commentate on the games

Writing is one of the easiest ways to gain an internship opportunity as a sports manager. You can get management homework help from professional writers online to help you create more room to attend games or commentate about them. The opinions you write or comments you make will capture the attention of a potential employer.

Do not target the major news outlets, to begin with. Use social media or start a blog about the sporting element you wish to pursue. For instance, you may begin reviewing stadiums or ticketing on social media or a blog. Your work will capture the attention of industry players. They will offer you the chance to join their management teams.

Use social media

Social media is effective in two ways when looking for an internship. You can post content that markets you as an effective sports manager. At the same time, you can reach managers who would otherwise be difficult to contact. Send a message using club social media pages indicating your intention to join their management team as an intern.

Social media pages receive a lot of traffic to the point that it could be difficult to get the attention of the target club or facility. You need a unique approach that will place you at the top of the pile when the managers are reading through comments or messages. Be formal and witty to stand a chance of being picked from the crowd of social media followers.

Attend sport-networking events

Has your desired company organized an event for fans? Make a grand entry. Talk to the managers and interact with the crew. Learn about the work environment as you find a way to fit into their program. It is one of the ways to get noticed as well as establish connections that can result in an internship opportunity.

Make a direct application

Drop an application letter in the email or office of the HR manager of the facility where you are looking for an internship opportunity. Check the career section on their website for directions on how to apply for a job in the organization. Prepare the best CV and obtain a recommendation from persons who know your capability. Learn more about getting internships from experts online.

Use your college sporting coach

Professionals in the sporting industry usually meet during events. If you need contacts of a person who can help you with an internship, a coach or the college sporting department will help. It helps if you are in one of the teams, whether a player or a supporter. They will find it easy to recommend you to a facility that can give you an internship opportunity.

Organizations advertise internship opportunities in the media. Regularly check the ads and make an application immediately after the opportunity is available. Networking and active involvement will guarantee an internship opportunity at your organization of choice.

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