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The Benefits of Sending Your Child to an Alternative School

A Alternative school offer smaller classes, which means children can have more one-on-one interaction with the teacher.



Today many concerned parents are worried about the quality of education of their children at mainstream schools in Thailand. Thankfully there are alternative schools that are flourishing in freedom and flexibility.

Aiming to revolutionize Thai education and improve children’s capabilities. These schools offer hands-on experience in outdoor classes as part of teaching and learning.

Alternative schooling in Thailand includes the core subjects laid out by the Education Ministry. It also teaches children about subjects that can directly affect their lives. Such as self sustainable food and water. Teachers at alternative schools encourage learning to be fun in order to unlock a students full potential.

Instead of sitting exams, the children are evaluated through the academic year and gain marks through project work. Nurturing the child creatively and emotionally as well as physically and intellectually. These schools are designed to encourage students to follow a course of learning that is individually tailored to them. Whereas mainstream schools place academic success as the primary focus.

Need for Reforms

Gaining popularity among parents in Thailand, this method of teaching offers an alternative to the mainstream education system. A system that has been delivering lower-than-expected academic achievements.

A worldwide survey on educational systems in 2015 highlighted that there was room for Thailand to make improvements to its education system. Ranking the country 54th place in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The study evaluated how capable teenage students were at science, mathematics and reading and their ability to use real life scenarios. Thailand scored lower than average in every field.

In its 2017-18 Global Education Monitoring Report UNESCO suggested that Thailand, failed to provide access to universal basic education. The report also encouraged Thailand to focus on certain areas to prepare students for a fast-changing world.

It placed emphasis on improving teachers skills and developing a comprehensive information and communications technology strategy. So all of Thailand’s students are fully equipped for the 21st century.

The public have been aware of the problem with the country’s education system since as far back as 2015. The system that was most urgently in need of reform in a National Institute of Development Administration poll.

There are plenty of benefits to children attending an alternative school. Especially as education should never be a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. They have the potential to create a personalized educational experience that is often not possible in a traditional school setting.

Hands-on learning

For some students, alternative schools offer teaching methods that fit their personality and learning style. This teaching style can be a way for them to achieve success.

Alternative schools offer smaller classes, which means children can have more one-on-one interaction with the teacher. Which helps to build confidence and allows them to work, develop and learn at their own individual pace.

Students are non-graded learning, personalized, skill-based instruction and enrichment within and beyond the classroom. This type of school can also help to develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills and language skills.

Most alternative schools, like the renowned Montessori child-centered educational approach, center around educational toys that require focus.

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