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Understanding the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Concept



Accessory Dwelling Unit ADU

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) resembles that secondary house on a property where old parents or renters used to live. However, this concept has evolved with time offering different structures for different purposes, such as carriage houses, backyard cottages, granny flats, and more. Zoning rules have also improved to make these additions attractive and profitable.

Popularity of accessory dwelling unit

These structures help tackle the housing shortage and population explosion issues. The country saw nearly 80% population growth from 2010 to 2020 in the metros. The studies suggest it can increase to 79 million more people by 2060, taking the total count to 400 million by 2058.

The housing trend is more about filling in than spreading out. Dense neighborhoods can save suburbs from losing space and make accommodation more affordable. Other than solving urban planning troubles, these accessory structures allow family members to live close to each other or offer short-term rental facilities.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

If you want to leverage this trend, My ADU – Portland’s trusted ADU builder can help.

Interestingly, places like Portland allow homeowners to have two ADUs on one property. In 2021, the same city witnessed agencies permit the building of more than 3300 such dwellings. 375sq ft detached cottages can cost about USD$ 50k. The kits don’t consist of foundation and installation charges. A 2016 and 2017 study showed that ADUs cost around USD$327 per sq. ft.

Types of ADUs

Backyard dwelling options include granny flats, cottages, carriage houses, etc. These independent structures enjoy unique architecture and style.

Garage ADU can house utilities and offer additional space separate from the living area of your main house. It can also include a bathroom and kitchen. You also get basement-like structures, which can work as a bedroom, living room, and home theater. These areas require ventilation and plumbing facilities.

Reasons for going for ADUs

You can use these additional units for your aging parents or other members with disability issues. While everyone gets their privacy, one can reach out to the other quickly. You can also make it an additional source of income by renting the ADU out to a tenant.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Whether it’s the holiday season or some other time, you can make arrangements for your guests there. Like these, the usefulness of this accessory dwelling extends far beyond your calculation and expectation. Hence, it can be an excellent decision to adopt this unit.

A few insights

Some people need clarification about ADU and tiny houses. ADU can be an addition to the main house. While it is a fixed structure with a proper foundation, a little place tends to be portable. You can have only one tiny house on the property.

As hinted, accessory dwellings existed earlier also, but they lost popularity in the mid-20th century before rising again. Different people address them with different names. Most designers call them ADUs. However, other popular options include laneway houses, in-law units, and more.

These tiny houses are small but different from the actual little housing units. So, please understand them. These units can be valuable if you wish for more functional space on your property. You can discuss the budget and other details with your builder.

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