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Thailand’s Junta Government Proposes Tougher Child Protection Laws



BANGKOK – Thailand’s Junta Government, the National Legislative Assembly is planning to amend the country’s juvenile crime law under the Penal Code, a spokesperson said Friday.

NLA member Jintanun Chaya Suppamith, who proposed the draft amendment, said that the draft has been supported by 58 members of the legislature and it focuses on stepped up measures to protect children from becoming victims of sexual abuse and sex tourism.

Ms. Jintanun said that the amended law would focus on intervention to preempt any juvenile crime — an approach adopted in 63 countries, including four ASEAN countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

She added that an improved law would also help improve Thailand’s image, particularly when it comes to the sex business as some foreigners have been visiting Thailand to have sex with children.

Ms. Jintanun stated that criminals involved in such an offense must face harsher punishment and that the proposed draft would tell the world how serious Thailand is about dealing with child prostitution and human trafficking.

By Kitti Cheevasittiyanon

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