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Tennis Betting Sites and Understanding the Most Popular Varieties



Betting on Tennis and Understanding the Most Popular Varieties

Nowadays, bookmaker’s offices accept bets on all kinds of sports events, including non-standard ones. However, many players still choose to bet on classic events, such as tennis tournaments. This sport has enjoyed great popularity for many years. In tennis, the rules are relatively uncomplicated, which can be understood by every fan. At the same time tournaments of different scales are held regularly, so you can always find on which of them to bet. Many bookies offer a wide spread on tennis. It is enough to understand which bet is better to make.

How to choose a bet type for tennis

The tennis betting list is quite wide, however, there are not many common bets. Most options are identical to those that are popular in other sports.

Bets on the outcome

This is one of the most popular types of bets. Moreover, such bets can be placed not only on tennis, but also on any other sport. The advantages of betting on the outcome are obvious – they are simple and, at the same time, productive.

The essence of this type of bet is as follows: the player bets on the victory of one or the second tennis player. There is no need to try to predict the final score or other factors. Such bets are popular even among beginners.

Total bets

Another type of bet that is popular in various sports. This type of bet involves the following: the player must predict the number of certain indicators in a tennis match. Popular options are:

  • The number of sets;
  • Number of games.

If betting on the total for the number of sets is accepted almost always, then usually on games bet only in important matches and in major tournaments. Moreover, it is possible to bet on the total number of games in a match, as well as on the number of games in one set. As a rule, such bets are accepted both in advance and in live mode. Undoubtedly, betting live is easier, because at the beginning of the match you can already estimate the current form of the athlete, see how the rivals are set for the game.

Bets on individual totals are also accepted. For example, you can bet on which of the tennis players will be the first to win a certain number of games, or to win a particular point (for example, the third in a row).

Bets on statistics

This type of betting is accepted by almost all bookmakers. However, it is more popular among experienced players, beginners rarely take risks. When betting on statistics, it is necessary to analyze quite a lot of factors. This type of betting requires a certain accuracy and care.

Usually bookmakers accept bets on:

  • The number of aces (special serves of the skill type);
  • The number of breaks (wins on someone else’s serve);
  • Double faults (two wrong serves in a row).

Such bets should only be made by players who are sufficiently well aware of the upcoming event. For example, the number of aces can be affected by all sorts of factors, up to the peculiarities of the surface on the court.

Betting on handicaps

This type of betting is most often used for matches where the winner is quite obvious, one tennis player has a serious advantage over the other. In this case, the bookmaker may offer a head start.

In this case, the margin can be both positive and negative. In the first case, the player, who is considered the outsider, on the site of the bookmaker’s office as if initially given bonus points, that is, they enter the game not with zero points, but with a certain number. As a result, watching the match becomes more interesting, because the likelihood that the players will be equal or the game will not pass “in the dry”, has already increased significantly.

If a negative handicap is taken, the situation develops in the opposite way. The player-favorite comes into the game with a certain minus. Thus, the original minus will be subtracted from his points. This also equalizes the chances of the players.

Betting on the default handicap is interesting for the bookmakers themselves. Often players who are actively betting do not like to bet on predictable sporting events. And betting with a handicap allows you to add excitement to the gameplay itself, to level the playing field. Watching the event becomes more interesting. Of course, handicap does not directly affect the outcome of the event. All this data is displayed only on the bookmaker’s website.

Does it make sense to bet on tennis

It is no coincidence that this sport attracts the attention of players. Even a beginner can predict the outcome of a tennis event. Moreover, on the Internet you can find different reviews from experts, on the basis of which you can easily draw your own conclusions.

All fans of sports betting should definitely pay attention to tennis. This sport is available on the websites of most bookmakers, and among the variety of bets you can definitely find one that will bring the desired winnings. Of course, great results are achieved by players who are actively interested in tennis matches and follow the news, but to make a successful bet can even someone who is not particularly versed in the sport.

The easiest way to keep track of current events from the world of tennis is on specialized portals. For example, on the website Scores24 in the section you can find the schedule of tennis matches, tournament tables and a lot of other relevant information that the fan needs. In addition, this site offers a rating of bookmakers who accept bets on tennis. It is very important to choose a reliable office, which is guaranteed to pay the winnings.

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