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Teaching English in Thailand: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Many people have the desire to travel the world, experience new cultures and learn different languages. Money often ends up being the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of this dream.

However, there are always a few people that seem to find a way to make this wish of traveling into a reality. Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular ways in which individuals achieve this goal. In addition to being a stunning location, Thailand also happens to attract many English speakers for this reason. Here are a few tips that you should know before heading to Thailand to teach English.

 What are the requirements to teach in Thailand?

Thailand officially requires English teachers to have a university degree, a TEFL certificate and a native proficiency in the English language. While a degree isn’t needed to receive a TEFL certification, Thailand does require this from official teachers. Despite these requirements, there are some people who still take a TEFL course in Thailand. Some plan to teach in Laos or Cambodia after the program. These places don’t require degrees. Others find work online in order to legally remain and work in Thailand. These options justify the enrolling in TEFL course for those who don’t have a degree.

 Are only native English speakers hired to teach?

Although native speakers make up a majority of English teachers in Thailand, this is not a requirement to be hired. Anyone with a native level of ability in the language is eligible. It is important to note that this proficiency must be in writing, speaking and listening. Native speakers also have the benefit of not having to prove their fluency. Applicants from countries that don’t have English as a native language must prove their proficiency in a testing format.

Should you take a TEFL course in Thailand or at home?

TEFL certificates carry the same weight and prestige no matter where they are received. Some people prefer taking a TEFL course in their home country in order to save up money before working and living in Thailand. Other people prefer to have some experience in the country before starting their life as a teacher. Fortunately, there are enough TEFL providers to accommodate both preferences. The larger cities in Thailand such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai will have more options from which to choose.

Where are the best places to teach English in Thailand?

Thailand is a large country with a high need for English teachers. The government and local schools around the country have made English proficiency a top priority in curriculums for every age. The cities such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Bangkok will have the highest concentration of job opportunities because of the large number of Thai people that live in these areas. These jobs may pay higher to compensate for the higher cost of living. For those teachers who prefer living in a quieter area, there are countless schools in the countryside in need of English teachers as well. Those interested in finding work in Thailand should start their search on job boards and websites to see where positions are needed.

How much do you get paid to teach English abroad in Thailand?

English teacher jobs pay fairly well in Thailand. The average salary ranges between 30,000 and 42,000 Thai Baht. This translates to about 940 to 1,300 USD. Specialized teachers will have opportunities to earn even more money on a monthly basis. Professionals with higher qualifications will be eligible to work in international schools where salaries are significantly higher.

How does the cost of living compare to the compensation?

The cost of living in Thailand is extremely low when compared to Western countries. The average teacher can easily rent a sizeable apartment or independent bungalow for 3,500 to 5,000 Baht per month. Teachers who work in larger cities may have to pay a little extra, but the overall cost of living remains very manageable. As long as teachers eat like locals, the cost of a meal should only cost around 30 to 50 Baht.

When do teachers get hired in Thailand?

Although teachers have the possibility to be hired anytime throughout the year, there are peak seasons in which a majority of hiring occur. March, April and May comprise the first hiring season when the school year begins. September and October comprise another busy time period for hiring that happens right before November starts. It is important that teachers apply well before these deadlines as positions tend to fill up quickly during these peak seasons.

Thailand is one of the best countries to teach English. There is a low-barrier of entry combined with endless possibilities for upward mobility. The hiring seasons are flexible and schedules can be personalized to match each teacher’s preferences.

Thailand is also a diverse country both culturally and geographically. English teachers have a wide selection of places from which to choose. Compensation in Thailand also greatly outweighs the cost of living. There aren’t many other countries where people can save a significant amount of money as English teachers.


About the author: Riya is originally from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She loves to travel, passionate about lifestyle, and sipping a good coffee. She is an inspired writer, delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. She never stops finding new ways to enhance her productivity.

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