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Study Abroad – Reasons Why You Should Study in Singapore



Singapore has a reputation for research and innovation. With state-of-the-art schools and research centers, students at all levels will have access to the best. The island state also has many other reasons why any student would like to be here.

The level of exposure a student gets is out of this world. Many students in college and university start networking with the corporate world while still in school through different forums that are organized by the state and private sectors.

If you have school kids who would like to take their chances abroad, Singapore is absolutely the best place to try. To convince you to take this option, let us look at seven of the best reasons to study here.

Strategic Location

Singapore is located where east meets west. Thus, it is a preferable state by investors, business people, corporate managers, and many other people who become expats from different parts of the world. As a result, they get to enroll their children in Singapore schools, which creates a great opportunity for interaction with different minds. It will also only take a short time to travel to Singapore.

Global Standard of Education

Singapore has invested a lot in schools. Public schools, which are often neglected in many states, are at the same level as private institutions when it comes to facilities and level of education. Singapore has a large number of schools that have met the global standard of education. Thus, there is nothing to worry about if you have to transfer your kids to a school in Singapore. All you need to do is check which school fits your kids best from the long list of schools in the state.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies

If your kids love innovation, this is the best environment to expose them to. Singapore has already adopted very innovative teaching styles that are already driving the country to higher levels. She has already received awards for using innovative teaching methods that build a strong education foundation for kids, nurture their talents, and also help them to fit into the corporate world. Kids who enroll to study in Singapore have a higher chance of discovering the great potential in them than if they studied somewhere else.

Education Beyond the Classroom

Singapore is one of the best states to tour and meet professionals who will help you. Students in Singaporean schools also benefit significantly from this. As soon as they get their visa, the exploration journey begins. There are many places they can tour over the weekend ranging from shopping malls to iconic structures. As they do this, they get an opportunity to learn a lot more about the history and culture of Singapore as well as the engineering and architectural prowess of the state and how businesses are ran. This one of the primary reasons to allow your kids to study in Singapore.

Affordable Standard of Living

Although there is a high standard of living in Singapore, many students have confirmed that the hostel rent and meals are affordable. Authorities have collaborated with the private sector to build affordable housing for the students. When it comes to food, students can eat with the locals at one of the many hawker’s restaurants.

Students can safely drink tap water from any water point to save on costs. Another cost that can take a toll on students is transportation, but Singapore has already reduced this cost through the introduction of the MTR train.

Easy Financial Technology

Singapore has advanced technology thanks to high levels of innovation. Students can receive money from home in real-time and then withdraw it from one of the many money points in the city. Schools can also receive school fees payment from any part of the world, which makes it easy for parents to pay. With such advancements in financial technology, life becomes easier for students.

Job Opportunities

There are high chances that students who finish school in Singapore will want to work here. Luckily, Singapore is a business hub and there are many startups that are looking for fresh and innovative minds to employ. Thus, Students have a higher chance of getting a job when they study in Singapore.

Well, you now know the primary reasons why people prefer to enroll their kids in Singapore for studies. There are many more reasons, but these seven are the major ones.



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