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3 Surprising Sources that Can Cause Roof Damage



Roof Damage

Modern roofs are made of high-quality and durable materials. This is why they come with a longer lifespan. A roof made of asphalt shingle can last more than 30 years without any major repair. All you need to do is maintain your roof properly. You can also save a significant amount of money by boosting the value of the house as well as making your property more energy-efficient.

However, even if your roof is made of high-quality materials, they aren’t indestructible. Improper use, accidents, and extensive exposure to outdoor elements will wreak havoc on your roof. If you want to leverage the benefits of the roofs for a long time, here are the surprising things that will rob you of your advantage.

roof damage

Bird Poop

You might discover a massive amount of bird poop on the eaves, ridges, and edges of your roof, especially if you have a house in an urban areas or shoreline where pigeons are common. Initially, it might seem harmless, but bird poop is responsible for weakening the granules in the composite shingles.

This substance is super acidic. When debris and hail fall on these specific parts of the roof, the shingles will become weak. As a result, you will start noticing signs of bald spots on your roof.

The granules are one of the most important parts of the roof shingles as they help the roof shed water. Additionally, they can capable of protecting from the sun’s UV rays. Depending on the degree of damage to the granite shingles, you might need to replace the entire damaged roof. If you think the damages are beyond restoration, make sure you contact St. Louis Roofing contractor and the professionals will help you. Here is our store location.


This is another thing that will damage your roof beyond restoration. Moss will attach on the edge and lift the shingles. That small curve in your roof shingle will be enough for the wind to blow them away. When you notice signs of curling on a large area of the roof, it will also affect the functionality of the roofing system by shedding water. As a result, you will end up facing additional problems. Additionally, moss can also degrade clay and metal, two of the most famous roofing materials.

Moss depends on moisture and it will shorten the longevity of the roof if it doesn’t receive the proper amount of sunlight. As per Scotts, insufficient sunlight is a growth factor for moss. If your roof is covered by a tree, consider trimming the branches so that you can prevent creating a moist environment for the moss.

roof damage

Ice Melt

Many homeowners use ice melt to remove ice from their roofs. But keep in mind that some specific ice-melting products such as calcium chloride-based products will damage the roof. Apart from that, the chemical can also discolor your roof pretty quickly.

Ice melt products can also boost rusting in your metal roofs, which will ultimately lead to leaks. Even though ice dams are harmful to your roof and need to be removed, forcing them will cause more damage.


These are the things that can damage your roof. Don’t forget to visit our website if you need help with roof inspection and installation.

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