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Simple Ways to Help you Declutter Your Bulging Wallet



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Decluttering your wallet is simple. It follows the same rules you could use to declutter your purse or closet. With society forcing us to carry many receipts, coupons, business cards, credit cards, membership cards, discount cards, money and many other paperwork, you could end up carrying loads of weight in your pocket. Having a thick wallet is not only cumbersome, but also a great security concern, in case you lose your wallet.

Importance of decluttering your wallet

Decluttering is therapeutic, whether you are decluttering your house, mind, closet or wallet. Having a minimalist wallet has the following benefits;

  • Decrease possible security risks
  • Makes your spending more strategic and organized
  • Minimalist wallet that does not bulge out in your pocket
  • Improved health by reducing ailments such as back pains

To help you achieve a cleaner, well organized wallet, follow the easy steps below;

Step 1: Remove all unnecessary paperwork and cards

If you get attached to things easily, this could be a hard step for you. However, get rid of all receipts from a vacation you went many years ago, a business card from a friend you met, ATM receipts, movie tickets and many other unnecessariness accumulated in your wallet. Remember, decluttering is a mindset, and the first step is to embrace it, although it is not easy.

Step 2: Prioritize the fundamentals

After you have removed all the unnecessary clutter from your wallet, the next step is to identify your basic cards and things you will need to carry on a daily basis. There is a temptation to carry many cards in your wallet, however, at this step, prioritize only the basic and important. For instance, you should not carry more than two credit cards and more than one debit card. This will not only protect you from pickpockets and thieves, but also save you from impulse buying.

Step 3: Go digital

I am sure you are wondering what happens to your membership cards and discount deals that save you a lot when you are low on cash, do not worry, there is a way around that, going digital. Digitize your cards and paper items and easily access them from your phone. There are apps readily available on app stores to help you keep all those membership and loyalty cards that you are not quite sure when you would need them next.

Step 4: Get a minimalist wallet

After removing all clutter in your wallet, digitizing your paperwork and organizing your priority cards in your wallet, now it is time to get rid of your old fashioned billfold wallet by getting a minimalistr or minimalist wallet. A minimalist wallet will help you to reduce the chances of filling it again with receipts and cards, and reflect your decluttered lifestyle.

Decluttering your wallet is easy. However, after decluttering, make sure you get rid of your bulky wallet as well. There are many options to pick from when getting a minimalist wallet, metal wallets, wooden wallets, leather wallets, card holders, unfolded wallets and slim billfolds. Tight seamless wallets made in one piece will help you to live out a decluttered lifestyle.

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