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Qualities of a Good Leader



It’s not very easy to be a leader. While some say we’re born with leadership qualities, research has proven that leaders possess certain skills and qualities that one can acquire over time.

If you’re struggling with being a leader then you have landed on the right page. Given below are some qualities that every leader needs:

1# Confidence

A leader is someone who has the ability to make people follow. Leaders need to be confident. People who are not confident can never lead. How can you expect people to listen to what you have to say if your voice lacks confidence?

Think of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the biggest entrepreneurs today. When he first started Facebook, not many people had faith in him or his abilities. However, he was confident of his skills and ideas and did not let naysayers change his opinion.

It is due to his hard work that today Facebook is one of the biggest brands in the world, making Zuckerberg one of the richest men in the world.

2# Positivity

A good leader has exceptional qualities to keep their followers motivated. They do this by being positive.

A good leader should be very optimistic towards every aspect. If you are not positive about your own idea, how can you expect others to be positive about it?

Think of the movie Avengers. These superheroes had to face villains that could ruin the world but they were positive of their skills and eventually defeated the evil.

Positivity has a unique quality. It can be felt and also spreads from one person to another.

3# Power to inspire

Leaders know how to inspire others not only just by their words but by their actions as well. The newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is a good example of an inspiring leader.

The former cricketer traveled around the country giving sermons and eventually saw a great victory on the day of election. With his words, he has inspired youth that resulted in the country seeing one of the best turnovers in the history.

4# Being passionate

Leaders need to be passionate about their goal. The world is full of challenges and if you’re not passionate about what you want to achieve in this world then you will not be able to find success as a leader.

A good example of a passionate leader would be Pope Francis. It’s his passion that has made him one of the most well-known and respected figures around the globe.

5# Empathy

Forming a bond with their followers is what makes a leader a winner. Think of Nelson Mandela, he is so well known and respected due to his empathy for not only his followers but everyone else around the world.

If you lack empathy then you will never be able to succeed as a leader.

6# Enthusiastic

A good leader should be enthusiastic about his or her work. Think of Donald Trump, the world may be against him but he’s still always enthusiastic and kicked about what he wants to do.

The man has his loyal followers and critics as well, but he never lets the naysayers affect him. He’s a good example of how a leader should be.

7# Honest

Honesty is one of the most sought after qualities out there. While some say that leaders must be able to lie where necessary, you cannot deny the fact that honesty is still a quality that every leader should possess.

If you’re not honest then your followers will not trust you. In fact, in the past, many leaders, including George W. Washington, have lost followers due to their dishonesty and wrongdoings.

A very good example of an honest leader would be Gandhi, who worked hard to help India be an independent nation. He was a positive soul and chose a path that not many appreciated but his hard work showed good results and today India is an independent country.

8# Accountability

For most, all the credit for great work and success usually goes to the leader. A good leader should not only take credit but also accept responsibility for failure.

A good example would be Fbabee, a firm that’s lead by a team of skilled entrepreneurs who understand accountability better than most.

You cannot be a good leader if you lack any of the above qualities. The good thing, however, is that you can polish your skills and acquire these qualities if you’re hardworking and dedicated to be a successful leader.

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