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3 Top Ways to Prevent Children’s Bounce House Injuries



3 Top Ways to Prevent Children's Bounce House Injuries

If you are at a party with a child, you must always keep a close eye on them. Kids’ parties are familiar, and slides, swings, and bounce houses are common when organized in an open space. However, younger kids run around freely and need to know what is safe or dangerous.

Accidents can happen at any time with kids. It would help if you were extra careful when many play in one place. Parties are fun for everyone, but as an adult, taking care of your kids should be your top priority.

Bounce house security for your kids at a party

Bounce houses at Cincinnati OH are famous at kids’ parties; however, when preventing injuries for your child, ensure you keep children under six away from them. You must monitor the number of children playing in the bounce house simultaneously. Ideally, small groups of kids ages four and older can be allowed under the supervision of an adult or just one child at a time.

No flips or somersaults in the bounce house

Parents should never allow their children to do somersaults or flips in a bounce house. They are responsible for causing the most severe injuries if things go wrong. Parents should stay near the bounce house and keep an eye on their children at all times. They must stop the kids at once or intervene when they notice any dangerous play in the bounce house.

Before entering the bounce house

Children must take off their eyeglasses, shoes, and jewelry before they enter a bounce house. Check their pockets for any sharp objects. When inside the bounce house, kids must stay away from the house’s sides, exit, and entrance. They should play inside safely.

Besides observing the kids, check the air in the bounce house. If it starts to lose perspective, immediately stop the kids from playing and help them carefully come out of the play area.

Setting up the bounce house

If you rent the bounce house, ensure it is from a credible company reputed in the area. The professionals of such companies will focus on child safety and have good reviews on the Internet. Take time to read through them before you hire the company to set up the bounce house for a party.

These companies generally follow and adhere to the guidelines for setting up bounce houses; for instance, they ensure the surface remains flat and is free from objects underneath the house. They will inspect the area and place the bounce house away from power lines and trees.

If the surface of the bounce house is complex, credible company experts will ensure a soft-landing area for kids at the exit to prevent injuries to them. Generally, they will place a large mattress or a rubber mat at the door. In this manner, the company also ensures your children are safe when they play in the bounce house at a party.

Why don’t you ask your friends if they can recommend a reliable service provider. It is always wise to go through referenece.


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