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Top 3 Things to Know About Pole Barns Renovations Before Hiring a Contractor



Pole Barns

Pole barns are long-lasting and built accordingly. If you build them appropriately, these structures will last a long time. Then, due to weather conditions like hail or when you outgrow a barn space, barn renovation becomes necessary. Barn remodeling is also required due to re-roofing or re-siding for including more square footage such as a warehouse or office space.

According to an article published in Forbes, metal roofing is the best option because of its durability for any region or weather conditions. Even then, pole barn renovations are necessary. However, you need to know certain things about it before hiring a contractor. Read on to learn more.

Think of varying costs of materials

The price of lumber, steel, as well as other materials keeps changing in the modern marketplace. That’s because of supply chain disturbances since the onset of the pandemic. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to finish the design stage of your construction project and receive the required permits before asking for quotes from reputed contractors.

Pole Barns

These days, customers are often disappointed once they promise to do any project and apply for permission later. When it comes to the permitting process, it takes several months and once the permit is granted, the cost of construction materials changes radically. It happens sometimes that a customer needs to halt a project until such time he or she can reconsider and customize the budget.

Get professional advice from Pole Barns contractors

Whether you want to reskin your pole barn, plan for some addition, or replace a roof, it’s a smart idea to get expert advice from servicers such as pole buildings by Wapiti Pacific Contractors. Consultation is important before commencing a pole barn renovation project.

When you are thinking of substituting the steel siding, the first consultation need not be too detailed. However, a few customers will like to reuse their existing steel and that makes sense when it comes to their budget. Then, it’s not possible all the time. When you nail the steel, it will lead to damage when the same is taken off later. When it’s screwed on, the steel will come off better without damage for reuse.

Pole Barns

You need to show your renovation plans to a skilled engineer. Understand what the building was originally built for in the first place. If the building was developed as an animal farm and now you want to convert it into a commercial setup, the project might or might not be feasible depending on the actual plans.

Remodeling an old barn

If you want to remodel a pole barn, it’s easier than upgrading an ancient or gothic barn. That’s because it’s simpler to figure out a pole barn’s loading and construction.

Gothic barns come with circular roofs and that’s difficult to tether new roof edges into them. Most of the gothic barns include beam and post construction, thus making it challenging to authenticate loading. Gothic barns were never built for particular loads.


So, when you want pole barn renovation, focus on these aspects mentioned above and then consult a contractor.


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