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4 Different Types Of Damages Covered in Personal Injury Claims

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personal injury claims

The first thing you should know about personal injury claims is that the law varies from state to state. In some states, there may be no limit on how much compensation the person hurt can receive, but in others, it might have a sure cap.

There are also certain types of damages that you can claim while filing a personal injury case. From medical expenses to lost wages and punitive damages, an individual injury victim is liable to get compensated for everything. Some of these expenses that you can claim under an individual injury case are detailed here:

1. Medical Expenses

This would be the first thing that you should claim. There is no fixed amount for medical expenses, depending on the medical facility you take your kid to. Medical expenses include the cost of doctors’ visits, dental treatment, and more. The same goes with medication costs, which can also be claimed by your insurance company or a third-party payer. If you are injured in Colorado Springsyou should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.

If you have lost wages because of the injury or the time your child had to be in the hospital, you can claim them in your personal injury claims. When a person is injured in such cases, they cannot work, and their earnings have been put on hold.

Therefore, the person responsible for the injury is legally responsible for paying for the person’s lost wages. Your lawyer will calculate the average income you earned before getting injured and use it to calculate your lost wages as part of your personal injury claims.

2. Pain And Suffering with Personal Injury Claims

You can also be compensated for pain and suffering if you meet specific requirements. This is usually calculated based on the severity of the injury, pain that lasted for a long time, mental trauma, and more. The amount of compensation might vary, but it is something that a court will consider while awarding the prize to the victim with personal injury claims.

3. Punitive Damages

This is something that is not awarded often, but the victim can get it if the party who was hurt had a previous case against them and that they did not care about the safety of the person. You need to file your personal injury claims to get compensated for everything. Punitive damages are designed to punish the person responsible for the negligence and to cause suffering to others.

4. Other Damages

Courts consider other things as part of your claim besides these standard damages that you can claim in personal injury claims. This includes loss of affection and companionship of your child, permanent disability or deformities, and more. These damages might not have a fixed amount, but you can contact your lawyer for help with calculating them.


In personal injury claims, you can be compensated for everything damaged due to someone else’s negligence. This would be part of your claim if you could not work because of your injuries. You can claim many things in a personal injury case, so it is essential to hire a lawyer to help you with everything.