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PayPal Playing and Intricate Part in Thailand’s Online Shopping



E-commerce in South East Asia (including Thailand) is enjoying great growth and Thailand alone has over 12 million e-commerce users – once more, that number continues to grow.

In fact, many reports state that e-commerce in Thailand alone is set to become the main driver of internet development within the country. As technology advances and the Thai people become even more tech savvy online shopping has become the new trend.

Thailand today enjoys several shopping portals online with Galleon, Lazada, Tarad and Aliexpress being a few of the most popular.

Strangely though, 68% of Thai online shoppers still like to pay for their online goods using cash, but with the growth of e-commerce other payment gateways like PayPal are likely to take over. For many people (especially those that come from the United States) PayPal has become and remains one of the most trustworthy online money transfer systems about.

Even thought Thai people still prefer to pay by cash or local money transfers, PayPal Thailand has been about for many years, is well worth using for its safety and security, especially in this day of identity theft and fraud.

Paying for goods and services such as items bought on ebay, clothes and items of jewelry as well as being able to play at casino sites that accept Paypal is enjoyed by many Thais and this popular payment method is simple to set up and put into place.

Paying for E bay Goods using PayPal

You will find most sellers use PayPal as their preferred method of payment as it is so secure, in fact it is pretty difficult to buy anything at all via e-bay if you do not have a PayPal account.

Designer Stores Online

The vast majority of designer stores online accept PayPal as a preferred payment method, again for its safety and security but also it is a simple process to but money back into a customers account if they return an item.

Paying for Games Online

Many online casinos accept PayPal as a preferred payment method allowing players to fund their personal accounts in a safe and secure way. PayPal is almost instant which makes it a perfect option when you feel like a few games and any winning can be put back into your PayPal account – you can then chose whether to leave them there or transfer them to your bank account.

Safe and secure using PayPal to buy good or services means that there is no need to give any site your banking details as PayPal acts like a middle man – no wonder it is becoming the most popular way for Thais to buy all of their online goods and services safely.

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