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Payment of Company’s Registration Reduced in Singapore



SINGAPORE – Starting a business in Singapore is a dream for many entrepreneurs. Low taxes, fast execution of documents and British legislation. For many years, the only shortcoming was the exorbitant company registration costs.

Luckily, one company solved this problem. The high-tech solution has been pioneered by Osome, a start-up that provides online Incorporation, Secretarial Services, and Accounting services. Osome got rid of the unnecessary routine and the human-managed red tape by assigning the repetitive tasks to algorithms. Robots don’t get salaries, so the labor costs decreased, allowing Osome to make the incorporation more affordable.

A comprehensive package tailored for foreigners now costs only 1,880 USD. For Singapore residents the cost of registering a company starts at SGD 350 (260$) –  and the price already includes SGD 315 of fees.

The ultimate foreigner’s package is called Bonanza. Not only does it comprise incorporation but there are also 12 months of secretarial, nominee director and registered address maintenance services, as well. Everything a foreign businessmen may need to start and run a business for one year is there.

Osome did not only reduced the cost of starting a business. The company also found ways to make the services more transparent. For example, Osome refused a Security deposit for Nominee director, the long-standing tradition of the Singaporean market that was an additional burden the entrepreneurs had to carry. At Osome, only the annual payment is required.

The next opportunity is Unlimited Secretary services. The offer covers all standard resolutions you will need over the course of a year, no matter how many of them there will be.

If you want to go and live in Singapore, Osome will compile the necessary applications, fill out the forms and help you and your family to move. Learn more about moving to Singapore here.

“Laser focus is what’s important when doing business. Mundane maintenance issues clutter both your mind and your calendar. With us, entrepreneurs get rid of the paperwork and paper-related meetings and invest time in real things,” says Victor Lysenko, the founder of Osome.

Osome is a young yet trusted player in the business administration market. The agency has recently hit the 1000 customers mark and has raised two million US dollars of investments.

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