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Pass the Microsoft 70-764 Exam and Become Microsoft Azure Certified with PrepAway

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Microsoft has built an unparalleled reputation as the indisputable global leader in software. And this begs the question, is attaining a Microsoft certification in 2019 worth it? Well, despite several debates and opinions in recent years, IT certifications from Microsoft still remain one of the most valuable investments today.

Various Microsoft Azure certification vendors exist, but for many people, Microsoft is second to none. Considering how competitive the IT job market can be, it’s easy to see why Microsoft certifications are increasingly gaining popularity. They act as a benchmark for validating your skills and credibility in the industry read more.

Microsoft credentials

Microsoft certifications are offered at three levels:

  • Fundamental (MTA and fundamental role-based credentials)
  • Associate (MCSA and associate role-based credentials)
  • Expert (MCSE, MCSD, and expert role-based credentials)

There is real value in the Microsoft certifications, and any individual looking to climb the corporate ladder should never hesitate to enroll in the Microsoft credential program if they can. Here, we take a look at one of the Microsoft exams and its related certification. We will also talk about the steps you need to take to get certified and consider a few training options worth checking out.

However, before we start, you need to know one important thing about the Microsoft credential program. Prior to the introduction of new role-based certifications, there were only MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD credentials. Over time, the company began to retire old certifications and exams and replace them with new ones. For those candidates who already managed to pass some old exams but did not have time to complete the certification process, Microsoft created transitional tests.

In this post, we’ll talk about Microsoft exam 70-764: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. This exam was included in one of the retired certifications. However, now this exam leads to the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. The current situation is as follows:if you already passed 70-764 test, you only need to take the transition exam AZ-302 to get certified. Note that taking AZ-302 exam alone won’t earn you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

And one more thing. There is one more way to obtain the mentioned certification: you can take the newly-introduced exams – AZ-301 and AZ-300. Now that you understand this intricate certification process, let’s see what’s in Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential and 70-764 exam.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification

The Azure Solutions Architect Experts are tasked with designing solutions that run on Azure. Thus, they should be proficient in network, storage, compute, and security. If you have this certification, it means that you have reached the highest qualification in the Microsoft hierarchy.

About Microsoft 70-764 exam

70-764 exam is focused on the knowledge of Azure technology. It costs $165 per one attempt and tests a wide range of skills related to the Azure platform. Microsoft 70-764 Exam verifies your ability to design the following:

  • Compute Infrastructure
  • Data Implementation
  • Networking Implementation
  • Identity and Security Solutions
  • Operations

You will have to answer 40-60 questions (multiple-choice, case studies, repeated answer choices, build list, hot area, drag-and-drop, etc.)

Microsoft 70-764 exam study options

The Microsoft official website provides plenty of study materials to help you prepare adequately for your certification exam. Below you will find a few such options worth keeping an eye on.

  • Online training

Enrolling in the Microsoft instructor-led training is a decision you can never regret. Be sure to check out the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions training course that is geared towards exam success.

  • Practice test

Practice makes perfect, and if you’re dreaming of exam success, then you also need to be confident to face the test. The official practice tests for Microsoft 70-764 Exam help boost your confidence by assessing your level of preparedness. This is also one of the best ways to understand your strengths and weak points that need extra effort.

  • Books

For every Microsoft certification exam, a reference book is available to aid your exam preparation. Check out the Exam Reference: 70-764 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions that is available from the Microsoft Press Store at a competitive price.

Top web resource for Microsoft 70-764 test – PrepAway!

Be sure to download free Microsoft 70-764 Exam questions from the PrepAway website to supplement your learning. One of the most effective ways to prepare for a Microsoft certification exam is to use past exam questions. PrepAway also offers useful yet affordable training materials containing updated past exam questions and answers.

It should be noted that you will need the VCE software to open PrepAway files with exam questions. The major perk of using this software is that it simulates the real test environment to give you a memorable learning experience.

Bottom line

The IT sphere is ever-evolving, and you should improve your skills to keep pace. The ability to work with the Azure platform is one of the most sought-after skills in the modern IT industry. There has never been a better time to become Microsoft Azure certified. So, if you’ve also made the wise decision to attain your credential and build a name for yourself in the IT industry, then use the mentioned tips to certify with ease.

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