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Best 5 Ways To Optimize Efficiency of Conveyor Belts



Efficiency of Conveyor Belts

Organizations invest in high technology-based tools and equipment to manufacture their products quickly and without spending a lot of money. These high-end tools help organisations to reduce their expenses and invest well in other things, like conveyor belts and conveyor belt skirting systems, for their production process.

Conveyor belts have proved to be beneficial for reducing the amount of manual work that was previously needed. However, when working with the conveyor belts, you should use them in such a way that it does not waste energy.

Minimize the energy consumption of conveyor belts

If you want to increase the efficiency of the conveyor belt system while saving energy, check the points listed below:

Optimize Efficiency of Conveyor Belts

Take care of the maintenance of the conveyor belts

People often ignore the importance of maintaining the conveyor belt. Most organisations think that conveyor belts are designed to operate smoothly without maintenance. As long as people don’t find any issue concerning the working of the conveyor belt, they don’t pay attention to the working efficiency of the conveyor belt.

If you don’t maintain the conveyor system periodically, it will increase friction in the system, which will result in the wastage of energy. Regular maintenance will help you increase the efficiency and durability of the conveyor belt. To increase efficiency, you can also use energy-efficient motors and driving units.

Many conveyor system use accessories, such as pneumatically-operated stop gates. Therefore, if the pneumatic system is not properly maintained, it will increase inefficiency problems.

You can carry out the maintenance activities annually or biannually. With the help of experts, you can also inspect the system parts in working conditions. You may also come across dangerous problems, such as system overloading.

Optimize Efficiency of Conveyor Belts

Give importance to the productivity of the conveyor belts

While choosing the type of custom conveyor belts for production, you should keep the efficiency of the system in mind. Having great efficiency will ensure an increase in productivity and profits. This, in turn, will also reduce the waste of time, energy, and materials. Therefore, while choosing the conveyor belt, you should consider various factors.

These factors include rate, material characteristics, layout, and so on. Apart from this, you must also consider the safety requirements, installation speed, or transportability needs, etc. Keeping these factors in mind will help you choose the best conveyor belt according to your specifications.

A conveyor belt without the dust collector

If you choose proper motorized conveyor belts, it will eliminate the use of an additional dust-collecting system. This will thus prove to be an energy-saving option for you. These dust collector systems usually have components, such as expensive blowers or compressed air.

These are used to remove the particulate matter from the air in the industrial and surrounding areas and thus filter the air. Opting for modular conveyor belts without an external dust collector will reduce the amount of energy required. These dust collectors may also bring about certain issues caused because of combustible dust bags.

Do not overload the conveyor belt

Overloading any component of the system will mean that you are wasting a lot of energy. You might also wear and damage the parts of the systems, such as the chains, belts, and so on. Even if you are not concerned about energy efficiency, you must not overload the system.

You should, therefore, make a list of the items that are going to be on the conveyor belt to further examine the load on the conveyor belt system. Take note of the shape, size, dimension, orientation, etc of these items. Knowing all these factors will make sure that the conveyor belt and the skirt rubber conveyor are operating smoothly.

Since every business is shifting towards new technologies, like the conveyor belt system and conveyor skirting, they should also ensure that each system is energy efficient. The above-mentioned points will guide you to save energy and resources when using conveyor belts.


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