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How a Video Games Review Can Transforms a Potential Buyer into a Real-Time Customer

There are multiple factors that affect the purchase decisions of gamers. Age, level of involvement, gender, and a lot more. But what is that one thing that steals the lion share in triggering a purchase? “Video game Reviews” is the answer to the same. Read further to know how reading reviews can impact your purchase decision.



How a Video Games Review Can Transforms a Potential Buyer into a Real-Time Customer

‘Belief is contagious’, influencers and existing customers who leave a review helps the customers in making a purchase decision. This is because potential customers usually tend to be interested in reading out like-minded people’s opinions. A potential buyer can read other buyers opinions and this applies especially when it comes to  video game reviews.

Not only do honest reviews help a customer in making their purchase decisions but also allows the various gaming companies to stand firm in this competitive world. There are multiple factors that affect the purchase decisions of gamers.

May it be their age, their level of involvement, gender, these parameters trigger the purchase decision. The reviews of video games sometimes create an emotional attitude towards the product, so here we bring forth a few probable reasons as to how video game reviews can trigger a purchase decision:

Shows the worth

The purchase of a video game evolves through a series of phases ranging from recognizing the need for a video game, the available options, the final purchase and post-purchase analysis.

And, when a potential video game buyer gets to read some reviews about the game he/she is planning to buy, they understand the worth of the game and also get motivated by the same to get into action.

Positive review spurs motivation and ultimately transforms the potential buyers into real customers.

Helps in understanding the difficulty level

When there are real-time players as in the case of AskBoosters who share their experience of the difficulty level in a game, potential customers tend to go by their words to decide if their game purchase is worth it.

Sometimes the game levels are so elementary that one can proceed to the last level within a few days, making them lose interest in the game. On the contrary, if the difficulty level of the game is highly challenging and puts a stop to let the players advance to the next level, the player may tend to lose interest in the game and may tend to quit it out of boredom.

Thus in order to gain a clear picture regarding the difficulty levels, video game reviews have the upper hand in narrating everything about the difficulty level and next-level advancements.

Authenticity parameters

When customers purchase online, may it be apparels or online video games, they are not physically able to see the things or to touch them or to turn it upside down and gain their own satisfaction. In such a case, reading reviews of people who have already purchased and experienced the same helps in building an authentic base for the video game that one wishes to purchase.

Potential shoppers who get to see to the experience of other shoppers who have already purchased the video games and have penned down their thoughts stands of prime importance as they help them sort down the trust issue.

Helps them in determining if their investment is worth it

Most of the online games don’t come for free; one has to invest a certain amount depending on the brand and their respective paid version format. Needless to say, nobody would wish to waste their money on something that is not worth their investment.

With the overwhelming alternatives available on the internet, not only does it stand challenging for a customer to pick on the best one but also is a tough nut to crack when you have to assure yourself that your money is invested on the right things.

Hence reviews can make things easy to infer if the purchase checks all the right boxes in terms of quality and investment.

Gives a social and credibility evidence

Humans are a social creature by birth, and we tend to believe in what other people say. Reading out reviews, not only will you come across reviews that allow you to give a red or green signal to your purchase, but you will also come across reviewers who share their experience.

There are reviewers who share their gaming experience and knowledge to help out other gamers to play their game well. Sharing one’s piece of mind and strategies can help the potential players to gain an understanding of the various games and also the strategies that can help them move ahead, crossing the different stages of the game.


Just imagine an instance when you have played a game two years back and all of a sudden you find its update releasing in the coming week? Will you be interested in playing the game again? Only a few will say a ‘yes’ to this question while most of you will tend to refrain yourself from playing a game again owing to the overwhelming options one has over the internet.

But what if you get to know that the update is highly exciting and has more thrills than its previous version? You will surely love to give it a try, right?

Again game reviewers can be of great help in such an instance who pen down their thoughts and do a quick comparison between the previous and upgraded versions to motivate a die-hard gamer to make their decision to reinstall a game and start over it again.

Platform compatibility

With mobile devices becoming an integral part of our life, we spend more and more time on it. Gone are those days when mobile phones were a means to stay connected with your loved ones or for making calls.

In today’s world, you carry your whole world in your hands in a cell phone. Same may be the case when you may feel the need of playing a video game. To take a small break from the everyday chore, one may not like the feeling of switching on their computer or playstation for a quick gaming session instead would opt for a quick play on mobile.

But does the game you wish to play is compatible with your mobile phone? Game reviewers can help you find a solution to such a question. Not only reading game reviews help to understand strategies and other core aspects of the game but also lets you know about the platforms on which you can play a respective game.

A glimpse of customer services

Who doesn’t like to be served and treated well, especially when you pay for it? Everyone, right? Same is the case when you buy paid versions of different types of video games. When you pay for it, you would not wish to have any roadblocks, and even if you happen to come across one, you will expect it to be resolved in a quick time.

This calls for excellent customer services by the game manufacturers. But who is going to tell you the real story about the customer services? Game manufacturers are never going to do that right because they will always stand in praise of their services, but game reviewers surely will!

So again reading out gaming reviews can help you gain an idea about the satisfactory services a game provides to influence your purchase decision.


Game reviews are not going to die a natural death and are here to stay for long to help passive shoppers make up their minds to hold up or hold down a flag for a gaming purchase.

Sometimes customers may not even read the reviews, but their presence in numbers imbues confidence in a shopper to add it on to their kitty. Not only do they work out the magic in boosting the sales factor but also act as an effective tool in grabbing the attention of potential customers.


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