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Casino Games: Games of Skill vs Games of Chance



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There has been a big controversy in determining whether a casino game is one of chance or skill. You might also notice that some of these games are legal while others are not. Technically, there is a thin line between a game of chance and that of skill. Why is there a crossover between these games even though they are quite different?

If you play a game like a poker at a casino such as Rapid Casino, the game would be of skill. However, if you look at it, there is nothing much you can do and have not much influence over the game.

What you do is throw in your casino chips and bluff. Slots are games of chance because your fate is in the hands of the reels, but if you have some bit of knowledge, you stand a chance to win.

Games of chance

Typically, a randomizer will determine games of chance. Here players wager their money by pressing a button or selecting a specific number and hoping that the bet lands on their choice. These may include casino games like roulette, picking numbered balls, dice or playing cards.

However, some games of skill may involve skills. Some will even depend on your skills to win even though they have the chance aspect.

Understanding the difference between the two is critical since, in some countries, the games of skill are legal while the games of chance are illegal. The games of chance are easier to play and implement, so they are older than games of skill. Like for example, the dice dates back to around 2000 BC. They are still in use today in gambling.

With the games of chance, a Random Number Generator decides your fate. It is a computer program that randomly generates numbers and gives out the outcome. There is no way one can predict the results. There are no external forces involved with these games, meaning winning here is by luck no matter how skillful you are.

Game of chance and Probability

Games of chance are all about probability. A good example is the dice, where landing a 7 with two 6-sided dice has a probability of 16.67%. That is the highest probability there is for any combination you want.

However, the possibility of getting a 12 or a 2 is 2.78%. That means it becomes lucrative to bet on getting a 7 since you have more possible combinations (6) for a 7 to occur.

That means even in some games of chance, some results are more likely to happen than others. It does not happen to dice alone. If you assess the cards game, you will likely land a face card than a numbered card.

Several scholars have been studying the probabilities in gambling and how one can enhance their chances of winning. Even though some experts call this ‘skill’, it does not play a significant role in deciding whether this is a game of chance or skill.

Games of Skill

Games of skill are quite interesting. You can never excel at games like poker or chess if you are not an expert. Mahjong and blackjack are other games of skill that you must master the skill to hack. Experienced players have robust strategies and plan to win these games. Plenty of skill is at play in these games, and one has to make very informed and careful choices.

What is the difference?

There are two main ways that you can differentiate the games of skill from the games of chance. Governments and casinos first look at who is playing against the player.

  • Players

If the opponent is the house, such as slot games, that is a game of chance. If the player is engaging other players as their opponent, then that is a game of skill. If the player knows that this game requires some math’s, statistics, or strategies, the game is skill-based.

Many experts are still at crossroads on whether poker is a game of skill or chance. That is because both are crucial in determining who wins the game. Some websites have adjusted the game to ensure it fits in the game of skill category.

  • Passive or active

The other interesting difference between these two is the degree of participation and activeness. Games of chance are more of spectator games and passive, unlike the games of skill.

When playing a game like roulette, all you do is place a bet and wait for your results. A game such as chess is activity-packed. Your brain is fully engaged, where you have to create strategies and calculate your next move. The outcome is a result of your actions.

With this skill-based game, you have to determine what your opponent is thinking or planning before making your move. Games of skill are active and quite engaging.

Take Away

Both games are quite enjoyable, so find some time and look for what you love most. If you are a strategist and love looking for solutions, then go for the games of skill. Play the games of chance if you are at the casino to enjoy yourself without involving your head too much.



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