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A Guide To Every Competitive Rocket League Map



A Guide To Every Competitive Rocket League Map

Rocket League is a game that is evolving fast and well on its way to becoming one of the most hyped titles of its day. Its competitive scene has also been blossoming over the past few months thanks to Psyonix’s takeover by Fortnite owner Epic Games, and the New Year brought with it a record number of players to the game, with January 2021 recording a peak of 112.48 thousand gamers.

Here’s a complete guide to the competitive maps currently available:

In Rocket League, including their history, themes, tones and all the other information you need to become a ‘soccar’ legend.


Mannfield is one of the arenas in the game privileged enough to be able to host the championship deciding match during the offline season mode, and is the perfect blend between futuristic and exotic arena with a traditional soccer stadium.

According to several sources, the stadium has a capacity of 31,902 and is located at the base of a heavily active volcano. There are six x100 boosts, twelve x28 and houses four different settings: day, night, stormy and snowy.


AquaDome was introduced in October 2016 as a part of the AquaDome update and was the second arena added to the game following its release after Utopia Coliseum. As the name would suggest, the arena is set in a dome sunk deep under the ocean and features bright warm colours and stunning sealife scenery.

Beckwith Park

Designed to be a small urban park located on the outskirts of a bustling city, Beckwith Park is named after one of the game’s lead developers and features a real rustic and well worn look. There are three different settings, day, stormy and midnight and the arena is also the default for all things practice in the game.

Champion’s Field

Added in July 2017 to celebrate Rocket League’s two year release anniversary, Champion’s Field is designed to be the ultimate arena for the energy and competition the game brings with it. There are triple stands surrounding the arena, huge statues, airplanes circling the stadium in formation and more than enough spotlights dotted around the perimeter to have the field visible from space.

It is the favourite map to wager on at Rocket League betting markets, and often comes in as the final map pick in a best of five or best of seven series.

DFH Stadium

Named after Psyonix CEO and Studio Director, David F. “Dave” Hagewood, DFH Stadium was the Champions Field before Champions Field was introduced to the game. Fitted with a capacity of 25,282, it is another stadium that can come along as the finale to the game’s season mode.

Forbidden Temple

Still one of the most recent maps to be added into the game, having only been added in January 2020, Forbidden Temple is perhaps the most picturesque arena Psyonix have ever put onto screen. Designed with a Far Easten theme, the arena is filled with this warm pink glow and finished lotus flowers, stone statues and beautiful waterfalls trickling by the action.

Urban Central

Arguably the most flashy and standout-ish arenas to be released with the original version of Rocket League, Urban Central is an arena carved out in the middle of a bustling city with trains constantly rushing back and forth and clocks spinning off their axis. The arena has three unique modes, day, morning and night and is one of the few stadiums in the game to primarily be made out of concrete.


Interestingly, the name ‘Wasteland’ was initially given to the stadium now known as ‘Badlands’ which was rotated out of the competitive pool by Psyonix. Wasteland came in as a more standardised and competitively viable version in 2017, and was given its second mode, night time, a year or so later with the Salty Shores update.

Neon Fields

The definitive latest map to be introduced into the competitive pool, Neon Fields was added into Rocket League following the game’s Season 2 going live in December 2020. The map has the retro wave aesthetic so popular online these days, and is stocked full of contrasting bright lights, snazzy soundtracks and funky visuals.


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