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Numeroligy: How a Name Change Can Be a Destiny Change




Your name is a vibration associated with a number. Did you know that each alphabet of your name has a certain value? We can calculate your name number by adding the numbers of your name and once the numbers have been added then we can know which single planet rules your name and what the effects of your name will have on your life and destiny.

Name Numerology is based on understanding the qualities found in an analysis of your names. These qualities can be constructive or destructive, balanced or unbalanced. The name we use affect every aspect of our lives.

Changing your name is a critically important decision because changing your name changes your personal and public energy. Therefore it changes your life.
Don’t you think it rather unusual that many celebrities have modified their names? This is to attract luck and good fortune.

There are some celebrities who went in for a Name Change

Actor Anand Suryavanshi changed his name to Siddhaanth Suryavanshi recently. According to him things have been changing for the better ever since both on the professional as well as personal front.

Karanvir Bohra he changed his name from Manoj to karanvir in 2006 . His new name adds up to good number.

Ridhyma M Tiwaare she has now changed the spelling of her name to Ridhyma M Tiwaare for better prospects. She feels more in sync with the universe with the change.

Shagun Ajmani also changed her name on the advice of a numerologist in December 2014. Originally named Garima Ajmani.

Raqesh Bapat – the actor replaced K with Q in his first name in 2010. He has also added his father’s name Padmakar and now calls himself Raqesh Padmakar Bapat. He believes that the change has benefited him on both occasions.

Ashok Chavan – CM of Maharashtra added Rao to his name but it didn’t quit work for him. Ashok Rao Chavan adds up to four (Uranus) which could invite controversies. Bad luck of Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan began he added Rao as his middle name. It’s not a correct decision to change your name without any consultation.

By Pratibha Bissht
Tarot Reader – Numerologist
E-mail address: [email protected]

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