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New Infographic Explains the Key Reasons Why Londoners Want To Move Out Of The London




The city of London has always been a hot spot for people looking to live their best lives. The nightlife offers entertainment and opportunities that most other cities can’t match, but many locals are tired of all the hassle – so much traffic congestion, in particular, is unbearable! So what should you know before buying property here?

A vacant property is an insurance risk, especially if the owner, unfortunately, passes away! The best way to prepare for any disaster is by having an unoccupied house insurance policy. This will ensure that you can collect on your losses if there’s damage or destruction of property, as well as keep up with necessities during repairs without worrying about cost-overload, particularly since London can be prone to suffering severe flooding.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on influencing people’s decision on wanting to move away from London, so much so that from all the properties purchased outside of London in 2020, 7.5% of those were done so by those wanting to move outside the capital, but what are the reasons why?


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There is a demand for bigger homes in London

People are moving out of London not just because it’s expensive. Bigger homes offer more space than homebuyers crave, and 18% cited this as their top reason for leaving! 43 % want larger living spaces in general – who wouldn’t?

The pandemic was a wake-up call to the population of London. It forced people to face their homes and realise how much they needed space, which is why so many are now looking for bigger houses in order not to be confined anymore.

London’s housing market is an example of how money can dictate what you do with your life. The cost to buy or rent a home has become so high that many people who would like their own space are forced back into living at relatives’ homes, cutting down on quality time spent together as part of this generation’s growing problem – loneliness.

In London, people want space for their home offices

Many Londoners are buying homes to be close to work, which is why it’s no surprise that 12% of those people want an office in their new place. With flexible working hours becoming more common among companies as well, the demand for home-based business may not go away anytime soon either!

Many Londoners wish they had a garden

London has plenty of green spaces, but people are looking for more than just grass. 19% want gardens that offer privacy and quietness because they’re living on their own or have grown old in this concrete jungle. Solitude is important to them now!

If a Londoner can’t find their own garden, they also dream of living next to one. 14% of Londoners cite outdoor spaces as the most important thing they are looking for in a new flat. Again, outdoor spaces offered many people an escape from the indoors during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, many people picked up walking and running as a hobby. As it ends, we want to enjoy outdoor spaces more regularly so that’s why moving out of the capital is important for getting outside!

It’s essential that Londoners have a place to park their cars

London has a lot of things going for it but the car parking situation in London can be difficult. Many people want their own vehicle and driving is expensive, so they get one anyways.

But what many don’t know about this city before buying or leasing an auto-related expense might surprise them: there aren’t very many spaces available – especially ones which you would feel safe enough to leave your precious wheels at all day long without worrying about getting towed away (spoiler alert)!

What are the chances of Londoners returning?

People have rediscovered the joy of being close to nature. They are living in relative seclusion, away from urban life with its hustle and bustles but still within reach for some time each day if they choose it so.

The capital may no longer be the place to live for many families and older people. Life in a big city can come at prices that aren’t sustainable, especially with lower birth rates among those who remain within its borders; but there are plenty of opportunities available if you’re willing to take them on as well!

Many people in the city were sad when they heard about how many factories and businesses would be leaving. But there’s still hope for them because it won’t just turn into a ghost town as some people say!

Young professionals will always find ways to enjoy themselves no matter what happens, while families with children or elderly relatives can mostly go wherever is best suited for them. Whether that’s smaller towns nearby where schools are better; another big city further away from home which offers more job opportunities; even abroad if they want the international experience without having too large an impact on their family.


People Also Read: How to Convert ETH to CAKE?


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