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Naples Florida Property Claim Lawyer

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If you’re a resident of Naples, Florida, then you’re certainly no stranger to the beauty of this area. But for all its beauty and enchantments, Naples, Florida does experience its fair share of storms, hurricanes, and other disasters. According to the Collier County government, floods are a frequent occurrence for residents of Naples, Florida.

In light of this, many property owners often take preventive measures and invest in different property insurance policies to safeguard their interests if their property ever gets damaged by any of Naples’ frequent storm cases.

But floods and hurricanes aren’t the only reasons why property owners in Naples invest in insurance policies. Many also do this to protect their properties against other losses such as fire, pipe burst, water leak, and wind damage.

Unfortunately, getting an insurance provider to come to your aid during a time of need is certainly one of the biggest challenges faced by many Naples residents. Why is that so? Some people quip. Well, the reason is that many property owners don’t even know how to file their claims correctly.

Surprised to hear that? Don’t be! So before I share with you the necessary steps you need to take when your claim is declined, let’s first take a look at how you can file a major property insurance claim that will be honored.

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Tips for filing a claim

Early notification

One of the biggest mistakes most property owners make in the event of a property damage is the failure to notify the company early enough. Although many people often try to manage the damage on their own at first before coming to terms with the fact that they need additional help, there should be no delay in your property claim. Call the company’s 24-hour call center or your local agent the moment you realize the damage is done. The reason for this is that the sooner someone knows about the damage done to your property by fire, leakage, or hurricane, the better.

Strike a meeting with your adjuster

An adjuster is an agent assigned by the company to tend to all your needs. They will be your go-to person throughout the process. At any point, you can always go to your adjuster for info, reassurance, or questions.

But in order to ensure that you have a valid case in the eyes of the adjuster, it is important that you try not to clean before the adjuster sees the damage. Although you might be tempted to want to put your garage in order after a pipe burst had messed up the place, you really want your adjuster to see the damage first before you do any cleaning. However, if, say in the case of fire, there is an urgent need to clean or the place to prevent more damage, this is what you should do. Just be sure to take some photos.

Try as much as you can to save what’s left

Another mistake made by many property owners is that they leave things to get damaged even though they can still try to save them, with the hopes of getting enough money from the insurance company. Yes, you need not put yourself in danger, but if you can still save from things from getting damaged, try to save them. This will go a long way in convincing your adjuster that, indeed, you did all you could to prevent the damage.

Submit a list of your damaged or destroyed items

Don’t just tell them with the mouth the things that happened. Instead, make a list of the damages, as well as the complete value of each item. This will help the company have a better idea of what needs to be done.

However, if, after following through with all these, your insurance provider still refuses to comply with the terms of your agreement with them, then there’s a play left to be made. Bring in your attorney!

How to get your property claim honored

It is nothing new to have property insurance claims turned down by insurers, so if you’re currently experiencing this, just know that you’re not alone. However, what many Naples, Florida property owners do when faced with this kind of predicament is that they go all out to hire a Naples Florida Property Claim Lawyer. Not because they’ve really got the money to lavish on attorneys (especially not when they have a major loss on their plate), but because they understand just how important an attorney can be during this difficult time.

For starters, a property claim lawyer would help see to it that your claim is honored by your insurance company and as at when due. But in the event that your insurer doesn’t want to come to your aid or is offering to pay just a little amount of the damage, the attorney can help you handle all the legal proceedings involved in your claim.

There is no denying the fact that an insurance company is just another “business enterprise,” which means that they’re as interested in profit-making as every other business enterprise out there. And to turn good profits, they need to decline so many claims and honor just a few.

In order to prevent your claim from being amongst the ones tossed into the river, it is highly imperative that you hire a property claim lawyer from this website today.


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