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Men’s Online Shopping Trends for 2022

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Men’s Online Shopping Trends for 2022

Confessions of a Shopaholic is a movie that speaks true 99%; it revolves around the female protagonist’s insatiable obsession with shopping. The shop till you Drop mantra was rightfully associated with women and their need for retail therapy.

You will be surprised to know how shopping habits have changed, and men who used to shy away from shopping have increasingly become hobby lovers. This fact has to majorly do with the major shift to online shopping, which has eliminated the physical labour that made the real shopping experiences a little exhausting.

Aren’t we all familiar with the visuals of Shopping malls filled with men who accompany their significant other or daughters sitting in a quiet corner on their phones while the women do all the shopping?

Online shopping brought with it the glittering allure of the comfort of home, and with a few clicks, you get to tick off your shopping list.

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Men’s online shopping experience

Strictly talking about Online Shopping, according to a report by Afflinet, 84% of men buy online compared to only 77% of women. It’s important to understand and highlight the consumer behaviour of men while they spend their moo-la-lah online.

In the earlier times, men’s online experience was limited to buying digital gadgets, mobile accessories, laptops, cameras, tools, etc. Research has found that men mostly shop out of necessity and immediate need compared to women who shop keeping in mind future needs or a good sale.

Men also have found out to spend more on themselves than buying gifts or buying for others, whereas women spend on others. Men are more logical while making their purchases, but on the other hand, women are notoriously famous for being impulse buyers.

Menswear E-Commerce has recently seen exponential growth with an annual average growth rate of 17%. It has also been observed that men are spending more than ever on consumer goods and non-essential goods. Fashion in men has significantly increased, with the hashtag #menswear doing the rounds more frequently.

Men’s Online Shopping Trends for 2022

Men’s Accessories Online

Men’s products such as Clothes, shoes, minimalist watches, wallets, and athletic wear have seen an increase in sales. Social Media can also be an active player in this increase, as most of our time is spent on these websites, which are a perfect platform for around-the-clock advertising, making buying more tempting.

These days, big players in men’s fashion are; In clothing – H&M, Zara Men, Levi Strauss, Allen Solly, Arrow, Wrangler and much more. In shoes taking the lead are; Nike, Bata, Woodland, Adidas, and Puma. An essential wardrobe addition is Watches; Titan, Casio, Omega, Fastrack, Timex etc.

The most gifted accessories to a man are wallets, and these are a list of top wallets brands in India for men; Woodland, Levis, Hidesign, Urban Forrest, United Colours of Benneton. Visit for a more comprehensive list of products and brands dealing with men’s fashion.

With many home-grown labels also gradually merging, the Men’s Retail fashion market is ever-growing, and we are here for it.

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