Making Money From Blogging: How To Monetize Your Blog



Blogging has been around since the early days of the internet and it’s clear by now it’s going nowhere. Most people start their personal blog just for fun, but your unique ideas and views on the world have huge potential for garnering a wide audience.

Taking steps to monetize your blog can let you pursue the things you’re passionate about in life, whether it’s baking in the kitchen or travelling the world. This essential list will give you the tools to make money from your blog!

 Get To Know Your Audience

 When a lot of people start out blogging, they have a very specific (and narrow) target audience in mind: themselves! If you’re going to make money from your blog, the first step is having a well-defined target audience. Figuring out who is going to love your blog and then working hard to make sure your blog reaches out to the needs of that audience is the key to building a profitable blog.

 Get Your Own Domain for your Blog

 Although a free blog from WordPress or Blogspot can appear attractive when you’re starting out, these pound-a-penny domains indicate to readers that you’re just not serious. For under $100 a year you can go self-hosted – let your URL signal to the world that you mean business.

Making Money with Adsense

Ads are an obvious way to begin monetizing all those views your blog is getting, but many shy away from incorporating ads into their blog for fear of losing the streamlined design they’ve created, or overwhelming potential readers with obnoxious ads. But ads can be smoothly integrated into your blog and targeted to appeal to your audience, so nobody will be turned off by them. Google’s AdSense program is used by millions of bloggers to Making Money with their blogs.

 Sponsored Posts And Affiliate Marketing

 Even better than selling ad space on your website is subtly incorporating it into your blog content – that way your readers get the content they want, and you’re making money in the process.

Sponsored posts can be lucrative: use Facebook groups designed to link you up with PR reps. Mastering the art of affiliate marketing can be a big earner on your blog too. When you use affiliate marketing, you incorporate links into your regular blogging content. Your audience can follow your recommendations through these links, and when they make a purchase you’ll get a cut!

Use Pinterest To Maximize Views on your Blog

Pinterest is key to your marketing strategy and once you’ve cracked it you’ll see a surge in traffic. All these views mean one thing: income! Understanding Pinterest as a search engine your potential subscribers are scrolling through lets you begin to target this untapped audience. Attention-grabbing pins will convert the scrollers to readers.

 Tap Into Blogging Lead Generation

 Less direct than ad revenue or affiliate marketing, lead generation is part of a long-term strategy to giant blog profitability! By encouraging your audience to submit their information to you – email address, demographics, you can build up a powerful bank of potential leads. Once you have a product to offer, this list of leads will be instantly magnetizable as your first customers.

 Sell, Sell, Sell

 With a list of leads and a wide readership, generating products to sell is the most powerful step you can take to monetize your blog. You have a naturally captive audience interested in the content you’re creating, so why not take the step to sell that content in the form of an ebook, where the premium content that doesn’t fit onto the blog can go. You’ve already got a list of leads waiting to be tapped into. Simple!

 Write Blog Content And Have Fun!

 It seems obvious, but this is a step we see many bloggers missing out. Building a successful blog takes energy, passion and dedication. Writing about something you’re passionate about and making sure that energy is present in your writing will only help to grow an enthusiastic audience. Producing high value content will give your blog huge potential for profit. Have fun with it!

 Go For It!

 So what are you waiting for? Whether you’ve been casually blogging for years or are just now thinking about starting, the potential for making an income from your blog is profound. Turn your passion into profit through these blogging tips!

Author Bio

Victoria Munson is a business reporter at Luckyassignments.com. She has been blogging since the ‘90s, and helping others to turn their blogs into big business for over two decades. Victoria is passionate about digital marketing.


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