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Let this Solve Your Worries Arising from Tutoring Your Children’s Homework



Let this Solve Your Worries Arising from Tutoring Your Children's Homework

As a result of COVID-19, students are spending more and more time at home in online classes, which also means more time with their families and less quality learning. In this situation, students are very likely to encounter unsolvable learning problems with their homework.

Students may not be able to respond to their parents’ requests for help, or they may not be able to understand their parents’ teaching style. These scenarios make the relationship between students and parents increasingly tense, and the quality of learning is not guaranteed and the grades are not improved. Don’t worry, we can try CameraMath to deal with this dilemma.

Let this Solve Your Worries Arising from Tutoring Your Children's Homework

What is CameraMath?

CameraMath is an app that helps students improve their math scores, it’s for both Android and IOS, and it’s free. It uses powerful AI technology and employs a team of professional math teachers to help users improve their math scores. It has a very high rating in Apple App Store with 4.6 out of 8.8k ratings.

  • Take a picture to solve a problem

The app solves the above mentioned dilemma by simply using the smartphone’s camera, which takes a picture of the problem to be solved, and the intelligent AI scans the problem and gives a quick answer. Not only that, it also gives a detailed and clear process of solving the problem. With this feature, parents can help their children check their homework, also can be used to tutor their children’s homework, and can even be used to help children to prep.

  • 24/7 professional tutors

At the same time, the app also has 24/7 professional math tutors. If parents encounter difficult problems in the process of tutoring their children, they can take photos and upload questions to ask the tutor. And the tutor will quickly Solve the problem to answer and give a solution idea. It’s like hiring a math tutor at home who can help students learn at any time.

You can ask him questions at any time, and parents don’t have to worry about the poverty caused by their inability to help their children solve math problems.

  • Scientific Calculator

CameraMath also has an advanced built-in scientific calculator dedicated to solving common graphical problems, which include common triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, slopes, and more. Select the appropriate graph, enter the necessary values, and you’ll get comprehensive answers.

For example, if you’re solving for a triangle and enter the values for two sides and one angle, you’ll get the answer for the remaining one side and two angles. If you want to experience this feature you can also go to the Math Solver and Math Calculator interface on the CameraMath website to try it out.

These two pages have the corresponding features of the calculator in the app and are completely free, so you can download the CameraMath app after you have experienced it properly.

Let this Solve Your Worries Arising from Tutoring Your Children's Homework


You can see that the CameraMath team is a team that really thinks about real problems and wants to help. This app will definitely help some families with their math challenges, because hiring a professional math teacher is not a small overhead nowadays, and this app will make it fair for all users.

Let this Solve Your Worries Arising from Tutoring Your Children's Homework

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