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When is it Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?



When is it Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You need to involve a criminal defense attorney after a run-in with the law. It is deceitful to tell you to let it slide. The expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney pales in comparison to the risk and expense of going to jail. Let’s look at four times when you need to hire a criminal defense attorney right away to save you from future legal expenses.

4 Reasons When To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Lawfully Charged With Theft

The legal definition of theft is very different from a layman’s understanding of the term. Legally, taking or using someone else’s property without their verbal or written consent is considered theft. The degree of charges can vary from petty theft to grand theft based on the worth of the property and how it was stolen.

A theft attorney knows all the laws and the loopholes in the legal system related to theft to help defend their client in a court of law.

Legally Facing Drug Charges

Scores of drugs are prohibited on the state and federal levels. You can expect to face legal drug charges for associating with illegal drugs on many different levels if any of these controlled substances are found in your possession.

Regardless of how good your alibi is, you will need a drug crimes attorney to help you get out of this one. These attorneys know the specific legal clauses to defend their clients facing drug charges on several different levels.

Officially Confronting Assault & Battery Charges

Anyone can be legally charged with assault and battery charges. You need to get a brilliant defense attorney from the start to make sure you do not pass out any emotionally charged statement to the opposition. In the long run, this will save you from possible prolonged jail time and financial penalties.

Self-defense, defense of property, or the defense of family or loved ones are just some of the ways a defense attorney can vindicate your defense in a court of law.

Constitutionally Dealing With Alcohol-Related Charges

Alcohol is connected to many different crimes that are categorized as drug-related criminal charge that would otherwise go unnoticed. Minor in possession, public intoxication, driving under the influence (DUI), and open container are the four main categories of alcohol-related charges.

All of these charges carry severe penalties and can be ludicrously difficult to defend without a criminal defense attorney. Speak to a criminal defense attorney right away if you work in a line-of-field where your professional license could be revoked because of alcohol offenses.


There are plenty of defendants in jail or paying maximum penalties just because they did not hire a criminal defense attorney from the beginning. All of these charges can easily be advocated by a qualified defense attorney if the lawyer has all the information regarding the case from the start.

The longer you wait, the more chances there are that matters will get legally complicated for you. It is in your best interest and the best pursuit of your case to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to help you face a minimum sentence in court.

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