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Law Firm Bring Awareness to Ranitidine and Zantac Lawsuit



Law Firm Bring Awareness to Ranitidine and Zantac Lawsuit

The Health Organization of the USA .i.e. food and drug administration found out that while experimenting with regular Zantac and ranitidine, there were traces of cancer with the elements of hepatotoxin carcinogen NDMA at high levels that while testing on humans and animals both showed the symptoms of cancer.

It is to be noted that the human consumption that is safe to NDMA exposure is 96 NG, while the medicines upon testing resulted in having the exposure of 2.5 to 3 of exposure. The food and drug administration appoint this finding reacted instantly by calling out the medicines, requesting the pharmaceutical companies to withdraw their medicines from the market.

If you have tested positive for cancer upon various grounds either directly taking or indirectly consuming Zantac medicines, then you are likely eligible to file a Zantac lawsuit. You can claim back your damages and loss of money or life through monetary terms suing the company for not having appropriate ground.

After Effects of Zantac or Ranitidine:

You can have various kinds of cancers and chronic pain including migraines and stomach diseases. Though the medicine is used for the treatment of heat burns and gastric problems including stomach ulcers, it is not recommended for prolonged use even when the NDMA is within 0.96 NG.

You can also have regular vomiting and blood while vomiting with constipation too. Not only body damages but also economic and physical damages have been suffered by the victims of Zantac.

The severe diseases causes are:

  1. Gastric cancer- Cancer-related to gastric glands and functioning.
  2. Intestinal cancer- A cancer-related intestine damage and malfunction regarding digestion.
  3. Stomach cancer- Cancer-related to Stomach Bag and gland covering HCL.
  4. Prostate cancer- Cancer-related to prostates. This cancer is only found in men.
  5. Lung cancer- Cancer Related to lungs, even when the person is an anti- smoker.
  6. Bladder cancer- Cancer-related to bladder functioning and urination.
  7. Breast cancer- Cancer-related to women’s breasts affecting breastfeeding and milk glands.
  8. Ductal carcinoma- Cancer-related to milk glands and other tissues of the breast.
  9. Colorectal cancer- Cancer-related to colon or rectum.
  10. Esophageal cancer- Cancer-related to the esophagus and food line.
  11. Liver cancer- Cancer-related to liver organs and juices.
  12. Renal cancer- Cancer-related to kidney cells.
  13. Kidney cancer- Cancer-related to kidney organs and tissue.
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