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Learning to Protect Yourself From Wild Animals in the Forest



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Outdoor recreational activities are fun and exciting to do, especially on long weekends. You can relax, breathe some fresh air, and be one with nature. The most common outdoor activities that people often do are camping, mountain climbing, hiking, and cycling. All of these activities are worthwhile, but you have to be really careful. All of these are done in an open field where danger and accidents are inevitable. Especially potential attacks from wild animals in the forest.

Anything can happen out in the open in a forest. In just a split second, your life might already be in a critical condition. Trees could fall off anywhere, rocks could break while you are climbing, thunder may strike when you are out camping, wild animals might appear, etc. This uncontrollable wrath of nature seems impossible to avoid since it can happen instantly, but you can avoid and prevent wild animal attacks. Here are five tips to protect yourself from wild animals in the forest.

Bring a weapon for self-defense against wild animals

Even if you think the landscape is safe and asked the veterans if there are wild animals in that area, always be prepared. Don’t lower your guard because you are out on the open in the forest. Always think two steps ahead, that is why it is important to have a weapon for self-defense. Weapons such as stick or bat would not be enough, so you need a trusty and reliable weapon for self-defense.

Personally, I bring handguns with me. A small yet reliable one is enough for me. An article on Glock 42 vs 43 pistol for self-defense handguns helped me choose what gun to bring. You can also get something similar, like a Tanto Knife, bear spray, or a taser gun. Keep them holstered with you at all times.

Study the forest terrain

Before going on an outdoor activity, always study the landscape of your destination. If you are about to go camping, examine the terrain and route. Think of the possible threat and danger, check the entrance and the escape route, and most especially ask what kind of wild animals would be lurking in that forest. Even if it is just a deer or a moose, always be prepared. If you are going to hike in a mountain, make sure you know the mountain’s history first. Ask some reliable people on the news about the mountain.

Don’t run from the wild animal

If you are caught by surprise, and you cannot move anymore, do not run. Running will make you look like prey, and wild animals will often chase you when you run. Stay calm, and do not look them in the eye. If you’re in a vehicle and you see that a wild animal is chasing you, don’t leave the car. Remember that animals are faster than humans. This is where studying the terrain beforehand and identifying escape routes come in handy.

Avoid and prevent any surprise encounter

It is always best to avoid any encounter with these wild animals. You have to be very keen and watch out for fresh tracks or trails. Once you found any nearby evidence of their presence, leave immediately. Keep binoculars with you and spot any wild animal from afar. Doing this will help you and your group prepared.

Fight for your life

If all of those did not work, then fight for your life. Protect your family at all costs, look for something to be used as a weapon, or if you can reach for your gun, then do so. Aim for the eyes or at the throat and attack them violently. It is a desperate move, but it’s better than laying off dead.

As much as possible, be prepared for anything that might happen during your trip. It is a must that everyone knows how to operate a weapon. If you’re with kids, let them use a whistle or alarm. Always keep them away from dangerous areas. Of course, the best way to enjoy camping is to prevent and avoid any encounters. Let the group know not to get carried away with the fun and remind them to keep their guards up at all times when in the forest.


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