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Learning How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

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Are you looking to improve productivity in the workplace? Productivity is often an area where managers feel could be improved and, when you can do this, it can greatly benefit the company and in several different ways. Increasing productivity can increase your output, improve customer satisfaction, create a positive atmosphere in the workplace and even improve staff morale. So, how can you go about improving productivity in the workplace? There are a handful of effective strategies to try and combining a few of these should deliver noticeable results. Read on for a few of the best strategies.

Improve the Work Environment

A good place to start is by looking at the workspace and seeing if improvements can be made – it is hard for even motivated staff to be productive if they are working in a dingy space. A few ways to improve the work environment that could improve productivity include:

  • Open plan space
  • Maximizing natural light
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Plants
  • Tasteful decor
  • Keeping the space clean and organized

Provide Positive Feedback

People work much better when they have a spring in their step and feel like a team’s valued member. Positive feedback can be amazingly effective at lifting people’s spirits and increasing productivity, yet managers often overlook it. A simple “good job” or “thanks for your hard work” can go a long way and encourage others to lift their performance.

Use Collaborative Platforms

It is important to have employees who are motivated to boost productivity and take productivity to new heights; you should look to use collaborative platforms. An open-source platform such as mattermost.com can transform the daily operation by allowing staff to quickly, safely, and easily collaborate no matter where they are, making it ideal for remote workers. These platforms allow staff to send instant messages, make video calls, share their screen, collaborate on documents, and much more, and this will keep everyone connected and on the same page at all times.

Set Goals

Goals are a highly effective way to motivate your team and to keep everyone focused throughout the day. Setting individual, team, and business goals in both the short and long-term will give people something to work towards and ensure that motivation levels are always high – be sure to celebrate all achievements to keep morale up.

Encourage Autonomy

Many managers make the mistake of thinking that to increase productivity, they will need to get more involved with the team. Quite often, the reverse is true as people will be more productive when they have autonomy and can find their own best way of working. Autonomy also demonstrates trust, but you must make sure that you are available for support when they need it and to keep people motivated with feedback and goal setting as above.

If you are looking to increase productivity, then these are a few of the best strategies that are worth trying. Increasing productivity is not easy, but it can do wonders for your business and help create the workplace’s right atmosphere.


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