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Learning About Online Training Software to Create & Sell Online Courses



Learning About Online Training Software to Create & Sell Online Courses

Online training is simply the act of transferring knowledge via the internet to targeted audiences. Naturally, those audiences are always interested in learning a particular subject. Here we will list of 10 Best Online Training Software that Can Help You Create and Sell Your Online Courses

Experienced professionals train and teach candidates who want to excel in knowledge through online classes. Assessments the students get usually come in the form of Word documents, videos, or PDFs.

Most online training courses offer certificates at the end to award students for their successful completion of the course. Some other courses are more job-oriented.

The job-oriented courses continue even after the candidate has acquired a job to brush up on previously attained knowledge.

For successful online training, you need good online training software, i.e., LMS software. Its primary purpose should be the efficient delivery of online educational courses.

In the remainder of the text, you’ll find the top 10 online training software to help you work better, have happier customers, and boost yourself with smarter employees.

ProProfs Online Training Software

Some companies have become leaders in LMS. This is easily achievable if the tools that the learning software offers are delightful. ProProfs is a smart online training software that gives its best to provide great support with the best tools.

ProProfs includes tools such as the online quiz maker, training maker, shared knowledge, Q&A forum, survey maker, Qualaroo Insights, flashcards and polls maker, and brain games.

Their support is unique because they built their chat service to answer all of your questions proactively. In addition, there is chat, email, and phone support. This support is also available to you from any time zone.

The company successfully serves millions of satisfied customers monthly and is trusted by well-established companies such as Nestle, Ford, Cisco, Sony, Dell, and many more.


Lessonly is a cloud-based LMS where employees have a chance to practice the skills they acquired, rather than just read texts or watch videos. With Lessonly, companies can learn how to train a remote workforce and onboard them.

All users can monitor their performance and track their progress through metrics such as – “lesson completed” or “lesson viewed.”

The tools offered are quizzes, in-person training, tags, roles, bulk upload, and exporting lessons to PDF, documents, videos, images, and other SCORM-compliant content.

The only downside is that this platform is not intended for groups with less than 25 members.


Versal has you covered whether you want to embed a learning course to your website or blog or conduct courses via LMS, LTI, or SCORM.

Versal allows course creation with numerous interactive exercises and assessments where you can track your learners’ progress, segment groups, and achieve a peer-to-peer learning environment.

The tools offered are content import and export, template management, PowerPoint conversion, interactive content, video management, test/quiz creation, course publishing, and self-paced courses.


This cloud-based LMS allows you to make and sell interactive courses that can be delivered via self-paced or online classes. These types of classes are, after all, the future of education.

The tools WizIQ offers are:

  • Taking your tutoring online;
  • Creating MOOCs fast and easy;
  • Delivering learning on the go;
  • Training your customers and partners;

There are both recorded and real-time classes, HD video streaming, and multiple teacher accounts. Support is always available via phone, email, or through the online knowledge base.


Skyprep is an online learning software with content creation tools, course management, and unlimited content of courses and assessments. However, it’s not suitable for small schools or offices.

There is a Core and a Premium plan. The core plan includes email support, an option to sell courses, a PowerPoint converter, course catalog, communicating by messaging, and custom certificates.

There are also live webinars led by instructors, unlimited access to the resource center, and availability in up to 19 languages included in the Core plan.

The premium plan includes all these features plus: manager roles, API access, course sharing module, gamification, knowledge checks, single sign-on, to name the most crucial.


Another cloud-based LMS is GyrusAim, which caters to numerous industries such as banking, manufacturing, technology, law enforcement, and health care.

There are numerous features that we’ll mention to help you see what you can find at GyrusAim:

  • Skill management;
  • Assessments;
  • Document and classroom management;
  • Feedback evaluations;
  • Certifications management;
  • Analytics and reporting;

GyrusAim supports both virtual training as well as instructor-led training.


This is a mobile app, and its armor is microlearning. For those who can’t sit still, this app will take up to 5 minutes a day.

Learners can reinforce selected training topics, and as a result, show better engagement, higher rates of completion, and lower costs averagely for the very training process.


uQuaio is, so to say, an all-in-one online learning software. You can easily create e-learning courses based on their templates, upload and create videos for the presentation of your content, and create quizzes.

uQualio offers:

  • Communicating with users with their instant messaging platform;
  • Real-time tracking that can help you measure your performance;
  • Creating online courses easily, quickly from any place at any time;


TalentLMS is another top-rated online learning software. Here’s why you should try this LMS:

  • Simple setup, no tech help needed;
  • Great customization;
  • Paid membership to reach TalentLibrary – a collection of ready-made online courses;
  • Gamification, blended learning, user management, in-depth reporting;


Yet another cloud-based LMS that gives the users everything they need to maintain their training in a secure and centralized environment.

SAPLitmos deploys within minutes, offers communication and tracking, dashboards, and built-in reporting, is a leader in innovation, has a 24/7 support service, and offers a free trial live demo.

Training is offered in-person, online, or via webinars, and the types of training available are channel, compliance, customer, employee, and extender enterprise.

The Wrap Up

As you’ve witnessed, most of these online learning software solutions offer numerous conveniences and great tools. Make sure that yours has great customer support.

However, there is an unpopular opinion that online learning is a failure, but we agree to disagree after showing you the ten best software options that beg to differ.

The chat service available at all times (or via email or phone) is essential since you definitely will have questions along the way.

In a nutshell, online training is flexible and can be taken anywhere and anytime. It’s pocket-friendly, allows you to meet the same goal-oriented people, and the learning material is easily accessible – online.

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