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Learning About India’s Top 2 Highest Paid Telugu Music Directors



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Telugu is India’s language, and it is the number 3 language spoken by the people of south India. You have to remind in your mind that over 74 million peoples talk in the Telugu language, which is very popular all over the world. It is the ranking number 3 language in the whole of India, and all the peoples of India love to talk in this language. The Telugu music songs are also famous in India as well as the whole world now.

There has a big reason for gaining popularity in the world as Telugu music. Because Telugu music composers are very famous for their expert music experience and the songs they are composed are also renowned. Many composers are in the Telugu music industry, but today we talk about the top 3 highest paid music directors, and you can get their composed songs at the naa songs website, which is very trusted.

S. Thaman

Thaman is one of the best music director at this moment. In most of the films, he gets an invitation to do works as a music composer. This music director was born on 16 November 1983 in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a very talented music director at a very early age. He works as a music director for most of the film, and his popularity is out of the ordinary level. No one can take the position that he gains.

Nowadays, he is the best music director in the Telugu music industry and cinema. He has already worked in much high profile artist in many films as a music director. It is also much negotiated that he is the music director who earns enormous popularity for his best performance. In addition, he charges for a movie as music director is 50 lakh in rupees. At this time, he is the highest-paid music composer in the Telugu cinema.


Though he is a singer but is very well known as a music director or composer in Telugu films, he also works in other language films like Tamil, Kannada. Most of the time, he works in Telugu cinema as a music composer. Even he is also well known to all Melody King in the Music composers sector. This famous music composer was born on 2 March 1963 in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.

He is now the highest-paid music director in Telugu. The song he works in as a music composer, then the song gets millions of views on Youtube. Also, he works with many famous artists. There have many examples that he works in many hit and trendy songs, which get him to the peak of the level. His demand is very high, and he charges for cinema as a music composer is 40 lakhs in telugu movie songs.


I think in this short article you would be benefited by knowing their popularity. You also understand that songs were how much popular on social media and video sharing platforms. There does not doubt that they are very famous and the highest-paid music composer in Telugu cinema. So let the world know about them.


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