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Learning About Chainsaw Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips



Learning About Chainsaw Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Using a powerful chainsaw can enhance the mobility of your vehicle. If you are careful, they work better and last longer. Chainsaw consumer reports have shown that it is a demanding task to select your vehicle’s best chainsaw. The manual provided along with the chainsaw gives all the necessary instructions about the care and maintenance. There are some specified instructions for your model. According to an article on BestOfMachinery, most chains are made from strong materials that can withstand rust and corrosion. However, the chain’s teeth will be the area where we can see the most wear and tear

Here are some tips that can help you when learning about chainsaw maintenance and troubleshooting tips for a better experience approved by ChainsawNews.

Mix the oil and gas incorrect ratio

The most crucial step in the maintenance of chainsaw is selecting the right gas and the correct oil. Mixing them in an accurate ratio is also very necessary.

Chainsaws have two-cycle engines. The lubricant provided is the oil mixed with gasoline. The engine bursts out if the oil is not added correctly. Select the right synthetic oil and avoid other oils.

The gas should not be mixed with any alcohol because it makes the gas acidic, and it might damage your engine. You can check the right proportion of gas and oil from the user’s manual according to your model.

Take care of the chain and chain brake

Sharpen the chain before using it whenever you feel the chain gets dull. Do not carry on working with the damaged chain, and make sure to replace the damaged parts as soon as you notice them. Lubrication makes the engine smooth, and it works more efficiently. Chains stretch when being used for a longer time. You need to adjust the tension in the chain according to the instructions in the manual.

Check the Chainsaw guide bar

Clean the oil holes and grooves by using toothpicks. A damaged guide bar can damage the chain, and cutting will become problematic. If the bar’s edge is worn out or the guide bar is bent or cracked, this shows that the guide bar needs to be changed. If the parts of the bar heat up so much that they turn blue, then it is a sign that you need to change you0r guide bar.

Maintain the engine

Maintenance of the engine is reportedly the most critical step for making your vehicle go fast. Make sure that your air filter is clean. A dirty air filter reduces the lifespan and performance of the chainsaw. A dirty air filter can be cleaned with hot water mixed with soap. Then rinse it in cold water and let it dry.

Check on the muffler and clean the spark arrestor. If the muffler gasket is damaged or worn out, immediately replace it. Remove rust from the spark arrestor and prevent it from clogging or being blocked.

If you are storing the chainsaw for a longer time, then fuel stabilizer in the tank to prevent it from jamming. If not done, the saw will not work when used for a long time. Change the fuel after one year necessarily even if it has been used very few times.

Change the spark plug after it has been used for a year to avoid any mishaps with the chainsaw and ultimately with the vehicle’s efficiency.

Chainsaw Troubleshooting tips

Here are some solutions to the fundamental shooting problems:

If the chains are not starting, then check the switch if it is in its right place and the on position. Make sure that the choke is set properly. If the spark is damaged, then replace it for starting the chains.

Another necessary trouble is that the engines lack power. For solving the problem, check that the chain brake is not engaged. Adjust the carburetor. Clean the air filter and check the spark plug.

If the engine is smoking, then check if the choke is off or not. Ensure that the air filter is cleaned and the oil-gas ratio is adequately adjusted according to the manual.

If the chain clatters, then adjust the chain tension.


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