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Learning About CCIE Lab Exam for Passing Cisco CCIE Certification



Learning About CCIE Lab Exam for Certification Offered by Cisco

Are you new to the career of the network engineering industry? Are you concerned about how to enhance your career in the industry? You might have heard about the CCIE certification course offered by Cisco.

I don’t think you are aware of the importance of this professional-level certification. Are you wondering if it is worth it? You might get to hear from your senior colleagues that it is the most difficult exam in the IT industry.

Someone who is outside the IT Network industry is not even aware of how important it is for an IT expert to get the CCIE certification.

For a Network engineer, it is the ultimate achievement to get the CCIE certification. It is a big career choice. If you are serious about building a long-term career in the IT industry you should take up the CCIE course.

How to get the CCIE certification? 

Passing the CCIE Lab Exam course is very difficult. You need to rigorously study for the exam and prepare yourself for it. Getting CCIE certification is like getting a Ph.D. in networking. When you pass the exam, you are respected and considered as a more reliable resource in the field of IT networking.

A person who is certified by Cisco as CCIE is believed to have gone through a demanding on-site hands-on-test and exhausting preparation. There are no shortcuts in clearing the certification. The certification is one of the most difficult ones that has two parts. It is an expert-level certification that has a written and practical test for candidates to pass.

You can use the CCIE dumps, workbooks, preparation keys, to ace your exam. The CCIE dumps help you understand the level of difficulty to expect from the exam. The preparation material allows you to have effective CCIE training.

A network professional with 7 to 10 years of working experience can get the CCIE certification. Here are a few tips we have compiled for you to pass the CCIE exam on your 1st attempt.

Practice on Real Lab Infrastructure 

The CCIE exam is an 8-hour exam in which your skills are put to test to a great extent. You need to have practical training to clear the CCIE lab exam. If you prepare for the exam by enrolling yourself in a Cisco training institute, you’d get a chance to practice on real devices. This helps you pass the CCIE lab test on the first attempt.

Read Cisco CCIE related material 

Reading enhances your knowledge and understanding. If you want to ace your CCIE exam, you should not rely on one reading material. You should read books, study material, workbooks, and online material. Reading from different sources becomes a blessing for a Network professional who wants to get the CCIE certification. SPOTO CCIE has a collection of useful CCIE and Cisco certification material that helps you pass the exams effectively.

Take one task at a time 

Most network professionals think too much while appearing for the Cisco certification. You should take one task at a time. When you are executing the CCIE lab test, you should concentrate on the task at hand. This would increase your chances of using your expertise to the full capacity.

Reasons why people fail the CCIE lab exam? 

Lack of preparation: 

Most people fail the CCIE lab exam because of their lack of preparation. Working as a network expert is not sufficient to pass the exam. You need to prepare yourself to get a deeper understanding of the CCIE laboratory concepts and terminologies.

You should prepare for the examination in the simulated laboratory setting. For helpful preparation material, you should check out


Overconfidence causes you to fail the CCIE lab examination. You end up making costly mistakes in your exam when you are too sure about yourself. It sinks your ship and you suffer from the difficult consequences of not being able to pass the CCIE examination.

You should recheck your paper before submitting the examination. This would help you reevaluate your answers and see if you’ve missed out something important.


If you have decided to take the CCIE certification exam, you should be prepared for sleepless nights and endless reading of the preparation material. Make sure you follow a fully structured learning approach with the right plan and strategy.

Working hard and preparing in advance will lead you to ace your CCIE lab examination.

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