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Khon Kaen Zoo Serves Up Frozen Dinners to Keep Animals Cool

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Officials at the Khon Kaen Zoo are serving up frozen foods to the animals cool as temperatures soar as high as 43 degrees. The Khon Kaen Zoo has found a variety of ways to keep the animals cool and free from stress.

Zookeepers have made popsicles from different fruits and placed them in bamboo containers for bears. While freezing blood cubes for lions and tigers. Above all in an attempt to keep them cool amid soaring temperatures.

The chilled treats are passed to the animals by rope to keep them active and also to lure them towards sprinklers. The sprinklers were installed to cool the zoo animals further.

The Director of Khon Kaen Zoo, Thanachen Khensing, said the feeding of the animals has had to change to account for the heat. Some now have their meat frozen before meal times.

Herbivores at the zoo are treated to fruit popsicles. While otters are given chilled mackerel and extra time in the water.

KhonKaen Zoo was established by the Ministry of natural resources and the environment. The Zoo is located on 3338 acres of landscaped area in the wildlife park.

The animal exhibits, divided into different parts, such as elephants; deer; barking deer; sambar deer; numerous White Lion; white tiger; orangutan; tigers; camel and white rhinoceros.

The zoo’s new addition ‘baby dwarf hippopotamus’; ‘Tung Saen Kwang’ that lets tourist take a selfie with deer. There is a ‘Water Park’ on the hill with whirl pool and also a 15-metre slider tower.

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