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Is Coronavirus in Your Wallet? How Safe is Using Cash Money?



Using Cash, Covid-19 coronavirus

Washing our hands routinely is one of the best ways to stop the spread of Covid-19, but what about the when you uses cash money? The People’s Bank of China has stipulated that cash should be disinfected amid the coronavirus outbreak.

There have been multiple campaigns urging people to wash their hands, touch surfaces with their elbows or tissue and routinely clean their gadgets.

But is it true that money can spread the virus?

In general, bacteria and germs are indeed found on bills and coins and thereby passed quickly from one hand to another. However, there has been no specific research saying Covid-19 can be spread this way.

Recent studies reveal that SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19, has a varying lifespan. Consequently depending on the surface it lands on.

The virus may remain on plastic and steel for up to three days but does not survive on cardboard for more than one day or on copper for more than four hours, according to research published by the New England Journal on Medicine.

It is possible that the virus can land on the paper or metal surface of money when an infected person holding it sneezes, coughs or touches the money with contaminated hands. However, the virus has a limited a lifespan the moment it lands on an inanimate object.

Practice good Hygiene

As good hygiene practice, you should always be cautious if you touch money. Refrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth afterward and wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap immediately after handling money.

If you don’t have any access to running water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is considered adequate, Asia One reports. You can also opt for cashless transactions using e-money applications, credit cards or debit cards to avoid cash. Though cards and smartphones can carry germs, they can be cleaned with sanitation wipes or alcohol.

Cash Money ‘quarantined’ to fight coronavirus outbreak

Thai Currency Exchange Firm Now Disinfecting Banknotes

A local Thai foreign-exchange forex firm is disinfecting the banknotes it collects from its branches as a safety precaution for its workers and customers because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Super Rich Currency Exchange Co has 15 branches at popular tourist areas in Bangkok.

“We have to ensure the safety for the staff with solutions to clean and protect our staff,” said chief executive Piya Tantivachyanon.  “We will also send the banknotes upstairs to steam with disinfectant and then seal them in plastic bags.”

Workers spray banknotes with disinfectant before sealing them in the plastic bags to be sent to other branches.

Other workers in protective suits were also seen spraying disinfectant at the Super Rich branch.

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