Crucial Factors To Consider Before Investing In Real Estate In 2022


Crucial Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate in 2022



Real estate investments are some of the safest investments in the world, with excellent returns on investment if done right. Like any other investment, there are a few key considerations you should think about before completing any deal.

Each of these factors is weighed differently and contributes differently to whether you should invest in certain properties or not. This article will focus on the most important of these factors.

Property Location

Property location is crucial because it determines if and how you can develop the property and the profitability of the investment in the long term. How close the property is to amenities such as roads, schools, scenic views and green spaces, as well as the neighbour’s statues, are all things that factor heavily in real estate valuation and profitability.

Exploring the neighbourhood before investing in any property is one of the things new real estate buyers should focus on early when assessing real estate for purchase and investment.

Additionally, buyers should do adequate research to understand how the location is expected to evolve over the long term. For example, you might purchase property in a quiet, open area only for a manufacturing facility to be built close to it. If this happens, your investment will likely have reduced value, and you might struggle to get out of that commitment.

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Property Valuation

The property’s value affects important metrics such as future profitability, insurance, taxation, listing price, etc. To understand the valuation of a property, you should consider:

  •  Sales of comparable properties in similar locations and with similar characteristics.
  •  The cost of the land and viable developments minus depreciation. This approach is critical for those who want to undertake construction projects.
  •  Expected cash inflow is a crucial factor for those investing in or wishing to build residential properties.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of a real estate investment are not about physical safety but investment safety. Before investing, you should ensure the investment is safe, meaning there are no hidden terms and conditions.

This type of safety and security ensures your investment and money are safe with the real estate or investment company and that there will be no hurdles when completing the deal.

All investments you are considering should have reasonable liquidity, have a good return on investment, and be secure.

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Investment Horizon and Purpose

Here, you are trying to answer the question, “how long will I hold an investment, and what do I wish to gain at the end of it all?” Both these questions are critical because of real estate investments high value and low liquidity.

A lack of clarity on the purpose of the investment can lead to unexpected results, notably financial distress. This often happens in cases where a property is mortgaged.

Some options include long-term buy and sell, short-term buy and sell, buy and lease, and buy and self-use. You need to plan and think differently about each of these options.

These options will also dictate the investment’s horizon. For example, you are likely to hold a property for buying and self-use for longer than the one you plan to buy and hold for a short period.

Profit and Cash Flow Opportunities

It is safe to assume that most people who invest in real estate want to profit sometime in the future, unlike your property investment on a timeshare. You probably won’t get anything in exchange for your timeshare because they are not investments.

Timeshare values hardly ever increase. But selling to legitimate companies that buy timeshares is one of the best ways to do so if you want to permanently stop paying maintenance costs and yearly dues, especially if you aren’t using your ownership.

Thinking of profit and cashflow opportunities will help you pick the best investments for you and your appetite. Cash flow is how much money you are left with after expenses. A positive cash flow indicates a good return on investment and, thus, a likely good investment.

Profit can come from the appreciation of the property or cash flow. Inflation and appreciation are particularly useful numbers for those investing in rental property.

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Loan Leverages

There is a case to be made for investing in real estate using a loan. For example, you might want to take a mortgage to pay for a rental property whose tenants will help pay the loan. While loans are incredibly convenient, they come at a great cost.

A loan essentially commits future real estate investment profitability to get cash today. You should understand how these types of loans work, what factors could affect your ability to repay them and what options you have if you have some difficulty doing so.

Also, avoid over-leveraging yourself, which means having a high level of doubt, even if you have a valuable investment. Over-leveraging can lead to low liquidity levels, and high debt obligations risk your investment.

Real estate investments are relatively safe and can help you diversify your portfolio. As with any other investment, it is important to consider various factors like the ones listed above, regardless of the types of real estate investments you are interested in.


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