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Innovative Web Design Trends that will be Relevant in 2021



Innovative Web Design Trends that will be Relevant in 2021

A modern specialist needs to know all the market trends and be in trend himself to not be left behind, so we have collected for you 8 innovative web design trends that will be relevant in the near future and in 2021.

Convenient and understandable design from social networks

Have you noticed that most sites, regardless of what they sell, have become more like the most popular social networks in the world? For example, in any online store on Instagram, you can find a bright title photo, a story with current products and promotions, and the main feed in the form of the most popular products and new products. This design decision is quite understandable.

The category of beauty products has been sold on Instagram for 5 years, so why not make a website similar to the page of your favorite social network, where you can see the current, study the feed. The interface is understandable for anyone who even visits the site for the first time because he has already seen all this somewhere and knows how to use it.

Such a design will be relevant not only for brands and clothing. For example, a paper writing service can also benefit from such an innovation. Students will definitely appreciate it if writing service websites get rebranded to look more similar to an Instagram store with a very appealing and familiar interface. If implemented, it will simplify the process of getting professional writing services and communicating with customer support agents.

Top 8 web design trends in 2021

  1. Stickers and stripes. This is what you will see on many sites in the next year. Such elements are created quite simply; however, they add novelty and brightness to the design.
  2. Stretched letters in words. To make such a text, you need to translate it into curves and then pull on any letter you like. This effect is especially relevant for graphic materials.

Innovative Web Design Trends that will be Relevant in 2021

  1. 3D icons and elements. This niche is just at the start, and therefore, in 2021, there will be many courses and specialists in this niche. As a result, there will be more materials, icons that can be used in your projects.

  1. Simple geometric shapes. Since everyone is tired of ordinary stock illustrations, simple geometric shapes are becoming more and more relevant. They complement the design coolly, making it light and minimalistic.
  2. Glassmorphism is a new design trend that is already gaining momentum, and many people use it in their works.
  3. Glow on the background. If you need to dilute a boring background on a website coolly, then this effect will do its job well. The main thing here is to learn how to combine the colors well with each other so that when mixed, they do not give a “dirty” effect.
  4. Contrasting colors. It already seems strange to make a button with a black stroke, apply a variegated palette of colors to the design. Bright and catchy colors will be in high demand in 2021.

Keep in mind that it is beneficial these days to experiment with web design, try new patterns or trends.

Dynamic illustrations

In 2017, it was very fashionable to post videos on the pages of sites. But the slow loading of such pages forced many to quickly consign this trend to oblivion because the longer the site loads, the more users you lose.

Obviously, people are annoyed not by the videos themselves but by various kinds of dynamic images popular with users of all ages – namely, long page loading. What should be done in this situation? Use animations. There are several ways in which and how you can use this format:

  • in the transition between pages and parallax scrolling;
  • with mouse hover effects;
  • on mobile screens.

Unlike high-quality videos, animations will not result in long page load times, despite a number of possible use cases. Animations add a fair amount of charisma to your brand. But only on the condition that they are reproduced qualitatively. They also help express the values ​​and tell a story about the brand in a fresh and interesting format.

Also, 3D technologies in graphic and interactive design are gaining popularity. They reinforce the play of interaction by incorporating all of our senses into the experience. We feel immersed in reality when we interact with 3D.

In 2021, special attention will be paid to mobile animation

The focus on mobile screens has been a web design trend for some time now. This dominance of mobile devices will only intensify, motivating designers to develop mobile animations and their all-around development as closely as possible. Illustrations, in turn, can greatly facilitate the task of showing potential customers how to use the product or help with an overview of the service’s functions.

Using real photographs mixed with illustrations or graphics gives a truly personal message. Whether photographs of products or people, these images can support branding more fully and help websites stand out from the crowd.

Asymmetric layouts

Just think about it. For the development of most sites, a grid is used, the borders of which are framed with internal and external indents, which make any page as comfortable as possible for perception. In 2021, it is asymmetrical structures that will allow many brands to express their individuality and even brutality to the fullest, creating whimsical and extravagant works. For example, personal sites have already elevated this idea to cult status. Broken grid sites are especially attractive because of their uniqueness and demonstrated self-confidence.

Hand-drawn images

Hand-drawn icons are gaining more and more popularity. They are more emotional and vibrant. This trend is due to the fact that we need more positivity, which can brighten up the day. It’s also a good way to stand out and show your personality.

As more and more webmasters begin to perceive sites as more than just an Internet address, the hand-drawn elements that make these very sites unique and unusual will become more common. We must say that two other equally noticeable trends made this style of image popular. It’s loud typography and custom illustrations.

Of course, you can always use 4K images and motivational photos in your designs. On the contrary, if you add something imperfect to the mix, you immediately make your design a little more human, soulful.

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