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Importance of Learning Strong Essay Writing Skills



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All jobs fall into one of the categories defined by the three-sector model: primary, secondary, or tertiary; these categories are otherwise known as raw material extraction, manufacturing, or service jobs. Tertiary or service, jobs need employees to have strong writing abilities to complete tasks.  According to the National Association of Colleges, 73.4% of employers desire employees to have strong writing skills. Without these skills, completing writing proposals, reports, and communicating would be impossible.

Having strong writing skills is important when writing a proposal. A writer convincing a buyer to buy a service or product is what determines the success of a proposal. Proposals are significant to companies due to the business they generate.

When creating a proposal the writer has to make their proposal appealing to the buyer. “Strong writers develop skills to appeal to an audience; having weak writing skills would be detrimental since appealing to a buyer changes with every proposal,” says Jessica White, an educator at and

Depending on the type of proposal, the writer must write in a way that captivates their audience. With solicited proposals, writing a proposal is easier due to the buyer having requirements. On the other hand, unsolicited proposals must be captivating, appealing, and persuasive to a wide audience not looking for a service or product. Being persuasive leads to more people considering the proposal, increasing business.

Employers Need Employees with Good Writing Skills

Strong writers can write a proposal that can relay information and be persuasive, regardless of what type of proposal is being written. Should a writer not be strong they will write a subpar proposal and lose potential customers.

Besides proposals, many jobs also expect reports of some sort; these reports can be about employees, progress on projects, or incidents. “Being able to effectively write thorough reports can be crucial to jobs,” says Alexander Dell, a business writer at and

These reports deliver essential information to people who are not already privy to it; a writer having poor writing abilities will make passing information on impossible. A report that is incomprehensible makes having the report pointless. These reports are to keep records if they are not communicating the correct information then the writer has failed at their task.

Since having unclear reports is unacceptable, this can be a reason employers have reported needing to send new hires to remedial writing classes. Many hirees not having the necessary skills to write for their jobs is an issue. Writing reports is a basic task that many jobs require; having the skills to write to them is crucial.

Along with reports and proposals, writing skills allow individuals to communicate effectively. Communication is important in the workplace because people are always collaborating. Effective communication can make progress smoother on projects.

Writing Skills and Communication

An employee not having decent writing skills can cause them to have frequent communication issues. This leads to unproductive working relationships. As well as, growing resentment between employees as a result of their inability to communicate. It is of the utmost importance that employees have the skills to communicate because jobs often rely on the input of other people to complete tasks.

Strong writing skills are important because they allow for coherent thought to word connections leading to efficient communication with others.

All in all, having the ability to write a strong essay can lead to a person being able to correctly and effectively do their job. Unlike other skills learned in school, the workforce uses a great deal of writing. Acting as if writing isn’t important to careers neglects all the writing required to be an employee at almost any tertiary job. This is why people with strong writing skills do well in many careers.

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