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How Your Looks Shape Your Personality in 2022

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How Your Looks Shape Your Personality

We frequently isolate our appearance from our personality. However, it turns out that some physical characteristics, such as height or beauty, may affect our personalities, behaviors, and even political views.

The boarding school I attended in the 1990s served as the ideal microcosm for anybody curious about how “survival of the fittest” works in the human race.

We all used different tactics to avoid being alone and tormented at a boarding home of more than 50 rowdy lads, from building alliances to getting famous by selling low-cost batteries (my own deterrent-based approach involved cultivating a reputation as a karate fanatic).

Then there was the small group of bigger-than-average lads who, due to their size, didn’t need to worry. These guys had an understandable air of confidence and swagger, and their gregarious, aggressive personalities seemed to mirror that.

Was there a causal relationship between their physical characteristics and their character qualities, or did their personalities change in reaction to their bodies? According to one idea, it may be the latter.

The notion that our personalities evolve in a way that best matches the other genetic cards we’ve been dealt, such as our size, strength, and beauty, is known as “facultative personality calibration.”

Take the personality attribute of extroversion, which includes being more outgoing, adventurous, and risk-taking. It would make evolutionary sense for physically stronger, more competent individuals to take use of their physical advantages by being more extroverted.

 Looks Shape Your Personality

Consider personality

Indeed, some study has discovered that. According to a recent study from the University of Göttingen in Germany, among more than 200 men, those who were physically stronger and had more “macho” bodies, such as bigger chests and biceps, also tended to be more extroverted.

This was especially true in the sense of being more assertive and physically active. The study’s female participants did not exhibit the same strength-extroversion connection.

According to other studies, guys who are physically stronger also tend to be more aggressive and less neurotic (as in, less fearful and worrisome). Once more, if you consider personality to be an adaptive technique, this makes sense.

Being careful and watchful of danger is likely to increase your longevity if you are physically frail. However, if you are physically strong, you can afford to take greater risks.

It is apparent that most studies on the relationship between physical strength, extroversion, and aggression have centered on men. This is because, in accordance with evolutionary theory, males who must compete with one another for mates benefit more from physical strength and combat prowess.

 Looks Shape Your Personality

Physical characteristics

The researchers concluded from one study that “The present findings suggest that a surprisingly substantial percentage of the between-person variation in extraversion may be predicted from physical strength and physical beauty.”

Furthermore, the changes in a crucial gene associated with androgen function did not fully account for their findings (likely to influence strength, attractiveness and aspects of personality). This supported the hypothesis that physical characteristics promote extroversion rather than that correlations between the body and personality are purely due to hereditary influences.

Not simply extroversion and neuroticism are linked to a person’s physical characteristics. According to additional studies, especially if you’re a man, your strategy for getting laid may also be impacted by your physical and facial characteristics.

For instance, Aaron Lukaszewsk of Loyola Marymount University and colleagues Christina Larson and Kelly Gildersleeve of the University of California discovered that the men (but not the women) who were stronger and more attractive, as determined by a weight-training test, were more likely to say that sex without love is okay and that they could happily have sex with someone without being close to them.

 Looks Shape Your Personality

Tactical adjustment

This set of results is in line with the hypothesis that among our male ancestors, those in better physical condition had higher reproductive success by participating in plenty of casual intercourse, and that such a sexual strategy has subsequently developed as a reaction to being physically capable.

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The essence of who we are, whether timid or extroverted, a commitment-phobic flirt or a loyal spouse, left- or right-wing, is frequently seen to be reflected in our personalities and values.

Furthermore, we want to believe that these characteristics come from intellectual, moral, or even spiritual origins.

It’s still debatable whether or not these characteristics of ours actually represent a tactical adjustment to our physical characteristics of size and look, at least in part. But it’s one that serves as a sobering reminder of our animalistic origins, much like a boarding house full of rowdy kids.

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